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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 09:05 PM
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A new low for Congress going after Hillary.

Requesting the FBI raw notes from their interview with Hillary. Tell me again how Hillary is not being held to a higher standard, how this is not a sexist witch hunt, how Congress is not overstepping its bounds, how this is not a precedent for intimidating the FBI and could be used in the future against political enemies?

There ought to be some kind of court action to stop this. Talk about a "chilling affect."

So the plan of Trump surrogates when being interviewed is to not answer the question asked plus:

Talk over the interviewer that is asking for clarification
Pivot from the original question and answer something not asked
Re-frame the question to one you want to answer
When caught in a lie, blame the interviewer, the media, or Hillary campaign
When all else fails, go back to screaming over the interviewer
When all else fails again, pretend you are having communication problems and can't hear the interviewer.

Hacking and hackers really should not be regarded as "heroes." The invasion of privacy and the

danger they pose to all of us is no small matter. The same hacking skills, encryption, codes etc. are and can be used to disrupt energy grids, air traffic control, medical equipment and systems, not to mention what the potential for harm to financial and banking systems is possible.

I never regarded these folks as "heroes" I always believe that Snowden could have used handled his discoveries in a different manner. It appears to me that Wikileaks, Manning and Snowden were more intent of doing harm rather then protecting us from government intrusions. It appears now that it's all out of our control and the Russia now has and is using hacking inroads at will.


Hillary's e-mail (Trumped-up) scandl looms because ...

That is all they have!!!

I hope all the e-mails come out so everyone can them in context. The more the e-mails come out the more they seem to confirm what Hillary said all along. The RW talk machine just tells people what they should think about the e-mails so they don't have to form there own opinion.

The real strategy of the GOP and Trump is to start some major sh*t at all precints in PA on election

day. It is a dog-whistle of another kind. We should all be very careful when going to the polls in some of these hyped-up-gun-toting areas. He is essentially inviting his supporters to go to the polls and INTIMIDATE potential voters. We need to get as much early voting and mail in voting as possible and we need to have our own poll watchers is selected areas to protect the vote.

If you haven't dropped by MHP and her new gig at "ELLE" you may want to.

Some really interesting and different topics.


It really is embarrassing for women to those two women surrogates on live cable,

They are hopelessly trying to rationalize his ridiculous statements. The one with the dark hair (her name escapes me) makes me want to cry to see someone lightweight taken seriously.

Sorry, Donald...it is you that ISIS loves...not the President. nt

So please tell me again why people who steal data, private conversations, steal personal photo shots

and even security information are heroes and not criminals?

If someone stole your credit card, SSN, and banking information would they not be criminals. If someone snatches your purse and takes your ID are they not criminals?

For a nation that pretends to care so much about individual privacy we sure love those who hack into private e-mails, phone conversations, bank accounts etc.

Because the media gives these people the exposure they want it makes it ok?

And don't give me that crap about someone running for office. It's privacy of the people contributing and supporting those people that has been compromised and no one seems to care.

Our courts do not permit the use of information obtained illegally ... why should the media, why should we.

I remember when one candidates run for the Presidency was destroyed when people working for the other side broke into medical files and released information. The criminals were almost made heroes for a lot of folks.

Now it is ok to get on major networks and call for a foreign country and invite anyone to just hack Hillary's servers and computer files. WTF is wrong with even the libertarians in this country?

So now they are going to make Trump a victim and someone to feel sorry for?

The media is now turning to sympathy for Trump. Incredulous MSNBC. Watch for it on CNN and certainly on FOX.

Our media is only consistent in one thing: going after Hillary and Bill whenever they can.
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