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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 09:05 PM
Number of posts: 989

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I think that the GOP is planning to make this a run for throwing the election into the House.

They put up another candidate to suck up as many votes as they can in some states so that 270 will not be made.

Guess what I saw today...

One brave soul with Trump sticker on her car. I felt like running into her...but I was in my own car.

Anybody know the name of the song sung accapella with the words

...love in the family (or peace in the family), peace in the nation, peace in the world?

Something like that. Not sure who sang it or the title.

We need to hard-link the GOP to Trump so that when he is dumped it won't matter whom they

choose to run against Hillary. Everyone of them needs to be directly linked to Trump, his positions, his thinking (if any), his supporters, and his lies.

Asking again. Anyone else connecting the dots?

Putin-Erdagon (Turkey)
Putin- May (Britain)

Are these moves by Putin to bolster Trump's foreign policy creeds to show that he is on the right track by making friends with Putin? Just asking.

Who is the fool that climbed Trump Tower and why? nt

The new Foundation-e-mail "alleged" scandal is a big nothing and involves her staff referring

potential donors to the Foundation. The bigger thing is really the law suit recently filed by two mothers of Benghazi victims. It is painful to even hear about since the entire "scandal" is a GOP witch hunt from the beginning. They have the right to sue. Hillary is handling it like a pro. As a government official she did all that she could have done at the time. People forget that a very close friend of hers was killed. How much pain can she endure. It must be taking its toll.

Peter King on MSNBC ???? Did I hear him say that Michael Brown was a "cop killer?"

And did I hear him give Mika and Joe credit for the rise of the Donald?

From the man who said that he could probably shoot someone and get away with it and still get votes

a statement like he made about Hillary is pretty clear.

John Boehner is probably having another martini.

Can hardly wait to see him and the POTUS on the golf course.
And I am waiting for his tell-all book.
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