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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 09:05 PM
Number of posts: 989

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Wow! Anybody see the interview from the NC black church that is endorsing Trump?

Finally, at the end of the interview the black woman state that she was an employee of Trump. WheW!! for a moment I thought she genuinely was a thinking individual who had a thoughtful reason for supporting Trump. Being on the payroll is good enough. I bet, no matter what they said in public, at least 75% of that congregation will NOT vote for Trump.

Ok so Trump's endorsement of Ryan is getting stepped on by Melania visa issues.

Joy in the morning...anyone watch? I was feeling sorry for Melania until it was pointed out that she was a strong supporter of Trumps birther charges and kind of set herself apart for those "other" immigrants.

Going to be interesting...Politico hmmmm;

New political rule for Democrats already registered. (sorta combines Buffett rule)

Help 10 people register and bring them to the polls. Three trips in an auto ought to do it.

Did Trump mention anything about the economic indicators reported Friday?

You know, the economic indicators under the worst President in history who doesn't know anything about running a country?

Either way, when Trump loses or backs out, all respect for honesty and sincerity should be lost for

ANYONE who supported him or who refused to withdraw their support for him after the DNC convention and the Khan incident. These past days since the DNC convention have been devastating for Trumps credibility and his ability to be POTUS.

They keep saying Hillary's server was hacekd. There is no evidence that her private server was

hacked. Comey testified to that. Are they talking about her campaign server? If so, the pundits ought to make that clear. They just let the Trump supporters conflate all things they want to.

Morning Joe applauding Trump for "correcting" his blatant lie.

OMG what a stretch. You "correct" mistakes. You "confess" blatant lies.

Hillary should just go home and play with the grandchildren until Labor Day.

Trump is doing her work for her.

The GOP is tying itsself in knots over the money to Iran. Obama tied them up again...proceed

the money deal was told to the American people back in January. Everything was out then. The denomination and currency type was not discussed so that is their talking point now.

Trump and the video of the money being taken to Iran is another yet lie that will take him down even further. It is really difficult for the GOP folks to fix this.

So, is it a bad thing that we got our hostages back from Iran? Ask their families.

Paying giving back their own money and getting our hostages released is ok by me.
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