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Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2016, 11:07 AM
Number of posts: 7,623

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Liberal. Liberal. Liberal.

Journal Archives

A prize turkey is determined by the size of its boney spur.

We sure have a prize turkey in the Whitehouse. Hopefully no one will be pardoning him on Thanksgiving.

I was strolling thru the woods today, in this very merry month of May....

When I was taken by surprise, by this pair roguish eyes.
I that moment my poor heart was stole away..

Just 30 feet from our garage. I was riding a lawn mower. Took me a second to realize, go back to the house and fetch my camera..

Sigh.. Life Is Good (LIG)

Evangelical or Evangelihell?

Just wondering?

Queen's lesson on women drivers...

Look at her expression! You gonna tell her to slow? I donít think so.....

The old dog's new bed....

Poor boy canít jump on the bed or couch.
What else can a mom do?


Oh Jimminy! I usually have to travel to eagle watch...

Today, however, I walked out on the deck this morning and saw this... I think he's eyeing my neighbors chickens.. sigh.. (don't tell my neighbor, I hope he gets one)

Banner day eagle watching

Both eagles out. So cool.

The roof is done Thought you'd like to see

The Amish completed our long awaited new roof. Thanks to those who watched with me.

Oh Sweet. My husband just brought in these pics!!!

Birds galore!!

Just love all my birds!

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