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Dishonorable drug sales US Tops the World

Only Two Countries in the World Have Legalized This and the U.S. Is One of Them

Story at-a-glance

 The United States is one of only two countries that allows direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising, a marketing bonanza thatís turned America into a medicated mass of people whoíve been brain-washed into thinking that taking pills will make everything better―even for ailments you might not have
 DTC advertising is a brilliant and very profitable move for Big Pharma, which has effectively transformed consumers into their very own sales reps
 Data shows that every $1,000 spent on drug ads produces 24 new patients, and that prescription rates for drugs promoted with DTC ads were nearly seven times greater than those without such promos
 DTC advertising is not only unethical, itís a dangerous practice that puts countless numbers of people on medications they often do not really need, all for the sake of increasing drug company profits. By Dr. Mercola.


We had been discussing how SuperBowl and other events seem to have less beer and more drug ads. Whose making money from this advertising? We say bring back beer... Cheaper and solves a lot ....
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