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Montana Testicle Festival

Booze and balls are the name of the game at the Montana Testicle Festival, held annually at the Rock Creek Lodge in Clinton, Montana, USA. People come from all over to eat a few Rocky Mountain Oysters--deep-fried bull testicles--and take part in the beer-soaked, anything-goes 4-day festival.


From Wikipedia:A Testicle Festival is an event held at several small towns in which the featured activity is the consumption of animal testicles, usually battered and fried. The oldest such festival takes place in Byron, Illinois, and features turkey testicles. Similar festivals are held in Deerfield, Michigan; Olean, Missouri; Tiro, Ohio; Oakdale, California; Huntley, Illinois; Stillwater, Oklahoma;Salmon, Idaho and Clinton, Montana, some of which feature cattle testicles.

I hear you can get a shirt that says: Come to the Testicle Festival.. You'll have a ball..

Did anyone just see the last ten minutes of Survivor....

I don't quite know how to find any link for it.

It was really flooring and crazy..

I don't want to minimize or say something to take away from what happened to Zeke..
But basically an openly gay man that befriended Zeke, outed him on national television as Transgender.

The reaction of Zeke and the other contestants was so emotionally charged.

13-pound baby

Woman on 13-pound baby: 'I'm still finding it hard to believe'

Natashia Corrigan dreamed of having "a little fat baby," but she wasn't prepared for little Brian Liddle Jr.

The boy weighed in at 13 pounds, 4 ounces when he was born in January, shocking his mom.

"I'm still finding it hard to believe," Corrigan told Melbourne, Australia, newspaper the Herald Sun. "But by the end of the term, I was struggling just turning in bed and walking up the stairs at home.".....

...It was a 7-hour natural birth. Corrigan said she had baby Brian's father, Brian Liddle, and her sister by her side throughout the labor.

picture and more at link:


Maid begs for help before falling out a window in Kuwait. Her boss made a video instead.

The floor looks clean in this high-rise apartment, seven stories above Kuwait City traffic. Not a smudge in sight on the picture window. On the other side of the glass, the maid is hanging on by one knuckle, screaming.
“Oh crazy, come here,” a woman says casually in Arabic, holding a camera up to the maid.

“Hold on to me! Hold on to me!” the maid yells.

Instead, the woman steps back. The maid's grip finally slips, and she lands in a cloud of dust, many stories below.

The maid — an Ethiopian who had been working in the country for several years, according to the Kuwait Times — survived the fall. The videographer, her employer, was arrested last week on a charge of failing to help the worker
(read more)


What a world. The savagery. The complete lack of humanity.. Just boggles the mind..

Mark Tauscher may be thinking about running for Wisconsin governor

Former Packers are popular in Wisconsin.....
...Mary Spicuzza of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel explores whether former Packers offensive lineman Mark Tauscher is considering a run for governor. The primary (and only) evidence is a “Mark Tauscher for WI Governor” Facebook page that apparently has no connection to the player.
...Tauscher has no political experience (which obviously isn’t a disqualifying factor).
He currently has a media presence, providing commentary and analysis as to both the Badgers and Packers. Tauscher also hosts a weekday radio show with Jason Wilde.


Oh please let it be so.. I seriously think he can win....

Banned From Prom For Ankle-Baring Dress

....this year’s prom was special for Amari Williams. In fact, she skipped her junior prom to make her final year all the more special. Williams, who attends Carencro High School in Lafayette, Louisiana, worked hard to save up enough money get a custom made dress for the special night. However, despite receiving approval for the design ahead of time from principal Mary Qualey, she was turned away at the door....
... “I asked [principal Qualey] what was going on, [the dress] was approved months ago and she OK’d it. She told me, ‘I’ve seen a lot of pictures.’ We just kind of stood around, and my daughter was in tears,” she said....
...“But then I brought it to her attention that some of the rules in the dress-code policy also state that midriffs, high splits, or low back dresses aren’t allowed. As I’d been standing there, I saw she’d been allowing all those types of dresses into prom, but here she denies my daughter, and she’s dressed appropriately, not showing any skin or anything inappropriate at all. Her response to me was she used her own judgement.”


I can't believe this is 2017.. It's shocking, and sad, and tiring, and backward... Possibly racist?

Not to mention the use of her "own judgement". Her own terrible judgement....

2-year-old girl defends her choice of doll

When 2-year-old Sophia was told she could pick out a prize for finishing her potty training, she knew just what she wanted......

......"She kept going back to the doctor doll, because in her mind, she is already a doctor," Benner said. "She loves giving checkups, and if you come in the house, she'll tell you that's the first thing you need."

Sophia, who will be 3 in July, was so excited by her choice that she wouldn't let go of her new doll until they reached the register to check out.

Did we mention that the doll is black and Sophia is white?

The issue came up right away, when a store cashier asked Sophia: Wouldn't she rather have a doll that looked like her?

According to her mother, Sophia had a ready answer.

"She does (look like me)!" the toddler responded. "She's a doctor; I'm a doctor. She is a pretty girl; I am a pretty girl. See her pretty hair? See her stethoscope?" (read more)


"She's a pretty girl; I'm a pretty girl" sigh.. aren't we all..
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