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Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2016, 11:07 AM
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Liberal. Liberal. Liberal.

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As an atheist....

I think I have more soul, more heart, more "moral compass" than anyone in the Administration..

I think I even have more respect for Jesus than they do... Egads..

Charles Robert Jenkins, detained in NK 40 years.

....."In North Korea, I lived a dog's life," he said in a rare interview, as he drove his boxy Subaru through Sado Island's rice paddies and sleepy villages. "Ain't nobody live good in North Korea. Nothing to eat. No running water. No electricity. In the wintertime you freeze in my bedroom, the walls were covered in ice."....

....In 1965, Jenkins was a U.S. Army sergeant posted to South Korea. But he was unhappy with his assignment and worried it could get worse. He feared his unit's nighttime patrols along the border were too provocative and would get them killed; he feared he'd be sent to die in Vietnam. He got depressed, began drinking heavily and made a decision that he'd regret for the rest of his life: to go AWOL.....

.....For eight years, the North Korean government held him in a spartan room with three other American defectors Jerry Wayne Parrish, 19; Larry Abshier, 19; and James Dresnok, 21....

....In 1980, Jenkins acquired a wife: North Korean authorities moved into his home Hitomi Soga, a 21-year-old Japanese woman who had been abducted from Japan two years earlier.... (more)



I know it repeats the video posted. I just wanted to repeat and see it in big print.

Listening to Arnold pan Trump

I was wondering which Republicans might still have a soul...

Schwarzenegger, Kasich, Huntsman, Steve Schmidt, Michael Steele?


Rec. me...

I am wondering if I am missing some nuances in the recommendation of a thread.

I read a thread that grabs my interest. Folks are commenting.. Others are commenting on other's comments. A lot of generated interest for sure..

I see it has 700 views, it has 28 replies but only 4 recs.

Why so few recs. on an otherwise happening thread?

Thanks for enlightening me!

Why are they called Republicans

Why is the word "public" in their name?

They hate the public..

Maybe Reprivates. or Repirates .. would apply.

When discussion is slow on DU... Why

do we fall back to the divisive subjects of "Democratic purity" or whose fault it is we have dump...

Is it trolls, who know we will take sides over these topics? I have given up arguing these circular stand offs. Trouble with circles they don't end.

People have to vote their conscience. I realize some folks don't have one.
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