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Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2016, 11:07 AM
Number of posts: 27,717

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Liberal. Liberal. Liberal.

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So far unsung hero, Sen. Klobuchar

If a male Senator had been spoken to like that by any Democrat male or female.

(Tho, isnít a Justice at least supposed to pretend to be non-partisan?)

You know who didn't "weaken" and cry?

Even after 11 hours.

Anyone know where I can find some political yard signs on line or anywhere?

I have traveled twice to the only D office 20 miles and it has been closed. No hours posted on the door.

Tried finding signs on line. Can't find them there either. Thinking of getting my Obama Biden sign out

Should be handing them out on street corners. Let only having to pay for them.. Where the heck are they?

Edit: Come on Dems in central Wisconsin ,
Where are your signs? I canít be the only one out there who should have ten yard signs in their yard.

Ringo Starr's All Starr Band Milwaukee

Heartstrings and I had great seats. Had a great time..

Ringo is singing Youíre Sixteen, youíre beautiful And Youíre Mine

Active shooter report in Madison

Just heard on news. On Demming Way.

Edit: my nephew works at Paradigm Software.

Active shooter report Madison Wi

Denning Way. Donít know much else

Edit: my nephew works at Paradigm Software.

Oh gosh Life IS Good.

Last week I got a ticket to see Paul McCartney next summer.
Tomorrow Iím going to see Ringo Star and his All Star Band.

I canít believe it. Pinch me.

Heartstrings got us a couple tickets to McCartney's tour next year.

Anyone else going yet? 🎶❣️🎶😍🎶😁🎶🎶😎🎶

Message to Trump, Dems and Mueller

When The Shit Goes Down
Oops Ship. Oh well ship/shit. Itís about the same.


Me grandmother was a Murphy!!!!

We know a real president when we see one.
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