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Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2016, 11:07 AM
Number of posts: 13,952

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Liberal. Liberal. Liberal.

Journal Archives

Active shooter report in Madison

Just heard on news. On Demming Way.

Edit: my nephew works at Paradigm Software.

Active shooter report Madison Wi

Denning Way. Donít know much else

Edit: my nephew works at Paradigm Software.

Oh gosh Life IS Good.

Last week I got a ticket to see Paul McCartney next summer.
Tomorrow Iím going to see Ringo Star and his All Star Band.

I canít believe it. Pinch me.

Heartstrings got us a couple tickets to McCartney's tour next year.

Anyone else going yet? 🎶❣️🎶😍🎶😁🎶🎶😎🎶

Message to Trump, Dems and Mueller

When The Shit Goes Down
Oops Ship. Oh well ship/shit. Itís about the same.


Me grandmother was a Murphy!!!!

We know a real president when we see one.

Just drove home in a tornado warning.

Drove through standing water. Phone telling us to seek shelter immediately.
Almost blocked on numerous routes by floods and downed trees. Lots of trees down on our road and property Basement has water. Never happened before. Currently no electricity. Corn fields flattened. 😱😧😮 lím a little freaked.

My husband is funny....

We were driving home when he saw what he perceived to be some very small unsupervised children (the dad was actually off to the side watching) driving in one of those electric motor cars.

My Husb: " Those kids are unsupervised.. Isnt that child neglect? Tony Evers knew about it and did nothing at all"

That Wanker ad is awful, but I did laugh. Dark Humor?

more family pictures...

Rodgers on Athem

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