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Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2016, 11:07 AM
Number of posts: 25,816

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Liberal. Liberal. Liberal.

Journal Archives

As the week passes, I'm getting more "403 Forbidden".

Is this going to turn into something worse on Election Day???

"Business dying. business dying". No mention of the people dying

When trump over-talks, why can't they..

...do what the awards shows do?

Turn up the volume to God Bless America or some other patriotic song and drown that ass out. Technically not cutting his mic.

Trump made me think of this song today.


Is it Constitutional that we have to wait until Jan 20?

Ever hear that your fortune cookie fortune you should end with "in bed".

Well, every trump remark should be followed by, “while I played golf”.

Something Beautiful (I didn't take this pic)

Purely hypothetical.... Just a small wish list...

...IF the currently conservatively packed SC, is expanded....IF...

Who would you want to find in that expansion...

Adam Schiff
Katie Porter
Nice young Pete Buttiegge
Amy Klobuchar

Obama to replace Scalia.

Hey trumpers, Trump is going to lose cuz you guys wouldn't wear masks!!!

Jokes on you Freedumb asses.

Does anyone else feel like you're about to give birth to a nation Nov 3.

It seems like a long nine months of mood swings and cravings for sanity.
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