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A year of marriage equality in Costa Rica

On May 26, 2020, Costa Rica legalized same-sex marriage.

Alejandro Zúñiga

One year ago today, Costa Rica became the first Central American country to legalize same-sex marriage.

At midnight on May 26, 2020, Costa Rica’s Family Code dropped the sixth item of article 14, which had said marriage between people of the same sex was “legally impossible.”

Minutes later, Daritza Araya Arguedas and Alexandra Quirós Castillo became the first same-sex couple to wed under Costa Rica’s new legal framework. Their small in-person ceremony was streamed online in thousands of homes across the country.

It so ironic.... The bigger the anti vac idiot...

Gets to win prizes if they would vax...

Bribery the new US policy for everything.

Tickets to Hamilton. Season sport tickets.

I asked Admin and didn't find this answer.

Is there still a four paragraph maximum on threads.

Some are so long I won’t read them. Some of them have no context.

Could we find a happy medium?

This is one of those songs that sound sweet but have a hard message.


Don't know who took this gorgeous photo....

But we need to see it.

Mind block.

How do you spell the place in Mexico that sounds like Wah hock ka.

Can’t google it. I’ve tried.

Asking for a friend.
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