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Pennsylvania woman who urinated on bucket of potatoes at Walmart turns herself in

What in the actual hell is wrong with people these days? Licking ice cream, licking medical instruments, peeing on potatoes, etc. Has our society really fallen so low that tampering with food is the trendy thing to do these days?

A Pennsylvania woman who is accused of urinating into a bin of potatoes in the middle of a Walmart has turned herself in, according to KDKA.

The woman, who is charged with criminal mischief, open lewdness, disorderly conduct and public drunkness, was caught on the store's surveillance video last week. Police have identified her as 20-year-old Grace Brown.

"Ms. Brown along with her attorney came to the station where she identified herself as the person urinating on the potatoes," the West Mifflin Borough Police Department said in a statement.

The video shows Brown relieving herself inside the Walmart produce section at approximately 10:10 p.m. last Wednesday.

Police were tipped off by an employee who noticed a puddle of urine on the store's floor. They then referred to the video, which showed Brown peeing directly into a bin of potatoes. Brown allegedly left the Walmart immediately afterward.

Stanford launches investigation after noose found on campus: 'I was just distraught'

More love and tolerance in Trump's America:
Stanford University is conducting an investigation after a noose was found tied to a tall bush near a campus residence, in which a group of mostly minority high school students is staying for a summer program.

According to deputies from the university's department of public safety, the three-foot-long white rope was found on the night of July 12. Cheron Perkins, a medical student from New Orleans who is working as an adviser to the students in the program, took a photo of the noose and shared the image on Twitter. She says it took Stanford police "over an hour" to respond, and that a 911 operator told her it wasn't "an emergency."
"My immediate thought was nothing but fear because I'd never seen a noose," Perkins told NBC Bay Area. "I was just distraught."

She believes that the noose, which the university said, "has no place on our campus," was a message for the minority students she is advising.

Perkins and her colleagues feel as if the issue has been "swept under the rug."

"I was terrified for my life," a program assistant, who wished not to be identified, also told the station. "I called my mom, and she was ready to put me on a plane back home. You don't know who is hanging around and what their actions might be, and we had the most minorities of all the summer camps."

Trump on blight of homelessness in U.S. cities: 'It's disgraceful'

Wtf lol? I don't even know where to begin with this stuff.

President Trump says he is “seriously” considering tackling the blight of homelessness in major American cities — an issue that Trump curiously believes began shortly after he became president.

“It’s a phenomena that started two years ago. It’s disgraceful,” Trump told Fox News host Tucker Carlson in an interview that aired Monday night. “We’re looking at it very seriously because you can’t do that.”

Carlson raised the topic by noting that unlike some U.S. cities, places like Tokyo and Osaka, Japan — where the president recently traveled for the G-20 summit — are “clean.”

The president then relayed an idea homeless advocates say is a myth: that some people choose to be homeless.

“Some of them have mental problems where they don’t even know they’re living that way. In fact, perhaps they like living that way,” he said. “They can’t do that. We cannot ruin our cities.

“People that work in those cities,” Trump continued, “they work in office buildings and to get into the building, they have to walk through a scene that nobody would have believed possible three years ago.”

The president went on to blame the “liberal establishment” for preventing him from cleaning up encampments of homeless people.

“This is what I’m fighting,” he said.

I don't know if this is funny, sad or terrifying

What a bizarre and pathetic show Kavanaugh is putting on.

People of color aren't even safe from the cops in their own home

Awful story, basically you have a female police officer who was most likely drunk enter the wrong apartment and shoot Botham thinking that he was an intruder in 'her home'. This story is every bit as bad as it sounds, and the worst part is they haven't even arrested the officer yet for some insane reason. Imagine if YOU stumbled into the wrong house and shot a cop? I imagine you'd be behind bars right about now.

Raise the age of gun ownership to 21

This is some gun control I can actually agree with. If you're not old enough to buy a beer then you're not old enough to buy an assault weapon. It would at least give young people another three years to mentally mature before allowing them to buy the best weapons you can legally get. Teens are extremely emotional, hormonal, and all around poor candidates for gun ownership.

Would the USA be better today if we had just let the South secede?

Sometimes I feel like fighting to keep the South may have been a bad idea. I mean really, what have they ever brought our country? Ignorance, racism, anti-scientific thinking, etc. It's so bad that it's likely Moore will actually win Al. Tribal thinking absolutely dictates their way of life, and they would literally vote for Satan himself if it meant keeping a evil pro-choice liberal out of office.

The OWS movement was correct all along

There's clearly an overall plan in this country to continue stripping the working class of all they have in order to funnel money up to the 1%. Seems like we need a new movement similar to OWS, only this time they need more mainstream support and leadership. We aren't gonna change things with some hippies and anarchists camping out in the park for a few weeks. If we want change it will take mainstream protests like those seen in the 1960's. Only this time it isn't gonna be about racial inequality, but about economic and wealth inequality.
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