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HS cheerleaders hold up sign says "Hey Indians, get ready for Trail of Tears pt.2"

Now I'm not usually a total SJW type, but how in the hell did ANYONE think this was a good idea?

Hillsboro, OH (WCMH) — What was supposed to be a friendly game of football between two rural southern Ohio high schools started with controversy over a banner cheerleaders displayed on the field.

After traveling to the Hillsboro Indians stadium, the Greenfield-McClain Tigers cheerleaders held up a banner that said “Hey Indians, Get ready for a Trail of Tears Part 2.” The sign drew backlash online.

The Trail of Tears is the name for the route that thousands of Native Americans traveled when the U.S. government forcibly removed tribes from their homelands in the southeastern United States in accordance with the Indian Removal Act of 1830. More than 4,000 Native Americans died along the route.

A response to the banner appeared briefly on the Greenfield-McClain High School Facebook page saying:

Tonight an event occurred that does not reflect the values or beliefs that we try to instill in the students of McClain High School. An immediate apology was issued to both the principal and athletic director of Hillsboro High School. We would also like to apologize to the citizens of Greenfield for the poor reflection on our community. This matter will be addressed internally.”
The statement has since been removed from Facebook. NBC4 reached out to Greenfield Exempted Village Schools and Greenfield-McClain High School and has not received a response.


Memorable Trump quotes from these debates

Memorable Trump quotes from these debates:
1-I'm smart for not paying any federal income taxes.
2-You should be in jail, and I'll see that it happens if I'm elected.
3-Such a nasty woman.

Like, is this guy for real? I swear he's trying to go down as the biggest troll in history sometimes.

Norway: man suspected of raping daughter as punishment for her Western lifestyle

A man is in Fredrikstad District Court was remanded for eight weeks charged with incest and rape of his daughter in her 20’s. The daughter claims she was punished with rape because she had become too "Western”.

The man in his 40s was arrested on September 7th and charged with incest and rape of his own daughter in Fredrikstad, shortly after the rape allegedly took place. He has served four weeks in custody, and was jailed for eight more weeks on Thursday.

The accused has chosen to appeal the charges to the Court of Appeal, writes Fredrikstad24.
DNA samples of both victim and the accused in the case showed results on the woman’s intimate body parts and underwear of the accused.

Utah and the Mormon church make me weep again

At this point I have nothing but contempt for the institution that is the Mormon church. They need to lose their tax exempt status immediately for one thing. They're basically a political organization and constantly meddle in the affairs of other states. As if opposing cannabis legalization wasn't enough, they even oppose assisted suicide. They clearly have some kind of knowledge that God wants terminally ill people to suffer horribly prior to their inevitable death.

Thomas S. Monson is a false prophet and can go straight to hell for all I care. The LDS church was started by a god damn conman and continues to be a fraud to this day.

Mormon leaders send letter to voters urging opposition of recreational marijuana, medically assisted suicide
The LDS Church is urging Mormons in four Western states to "let their voices by heard" in opposition to legalizing recreational marijuana use and physician-assisted suicide.

In a letter sent Wednesday, the governing First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has called on church members in Arizona, California and Nevada to oppose pro-marijuana initiatives on ballots in those states, citing the drug's perceived risks to children, youths and adults.

"Drug abuse in the United States is at epidemic proportions, and the dangers of marijuana to public health and safety are well documented," says the one-page letter, signed by LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson and his counselors, Henry B. Eyring and others.

In a separate letter sent to Coloradoans, the trio invoked the faith's "firm belief in the sanctity of life" in encouraging members to oppose that state's Proposition 106.

National Guard, State Police descend on 81-year-old’s property to seize single pot plant

God damn fascists. The war on cannabis is an absolute bloody joke at this point and needs to be ended yesterday. Hey jack booted thugs, how about doing something about the plague of heroin sweeping the nation? NO? I guess it's easier to raid the 80 year old growing one cannabis plant hahaha.

AMHERST — All that remains of the solitary marijuana plant an 81-year-old grandmother had been growing behind her South Amherst home is a stump and a ragged hole in the ground.

Margaret Holcomb said she was growing the plant as medicine, a way to ease arthritis and glaucoma and help her sleep at night. Tucked away in a raspberry patch and separated by a fence from any neighbors, the plant was nearly ready for harvest when a military-style helicopter and police descended on Sept. 21.

In a joint raid, the Massachusetts National Guard and State Police entered her yard and cut down the solitary plant in what her son, Tim Holcomb, said was a “pretty shocking” action — one that he argues constitutes unlawful surveillance and illegal search and seizure.

“It’s scary as hell,” said Tim Holcomb.

Disabled child in coma after being set on fire by bullies

Just awful beyond words. Another casualty of America's unchecked bullying epidemic. Our sick society considers bullying to almost be a rite of passage that you should endure while growing up. That's why I believe the issue is never taken seriously. Just think about it. Our society loves bullies. It's why people like Trump became popular. Rather then being seen as the abusive slime they are, certain segments of our society instead see them as 'winners' and 'go getters'.


KERRVILLE -- A disabled child’s parents say that their son was intentionally set on fire. Now, one child is in custody facing serious charges.

The open field near Wallace Street in Kerrville is where Tanya Casper says that her nephew was lured, where one boy doused him with gasoline and another set him on fire.

The 10-year-old named Kayden is still in a medically induced coma as of Wednesday night.

“He wore a hearing aid, talked with a lisp… I mean, he was challenged from the get-go.” She said. “And for him to face this new challenge, it’s going to be overwhelming.
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