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Member since: Fri Jul 1, 2016, 10:57 PM
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Would the USA be better today if we had just let the South secede?

Sometimes I feel like fighting to keep the South may have been a bad idea. I mean really, what have they ever brought our country? Ignorance, racism, anti-scientific thinking, etc. It's so bad that it's likely Moore will actually win Al. Tribal thinking absolutely dictates their way of life, and they would literally vote for Satan himself if it meant keeping a evil pro-choice liberal out of office.

The OWS movement was correct all along

There's clearly an overall plan in this country to continue stripping the working class of all they have in order to funnel money up to the 1%. Seems like we need a new movement similar to OWS, only this time they need more mainstream support and leadership. We aren't gonna change things with some hippies and anarchists camping out in the park for a few weeks. If we want change it will take mainstream protests like those seen in the 1960's. Only this time it isn't gonna be about racial inequality, but about economic and wealth inequality.
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