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Member since: Fri Jul 1, 2016, 10:57 PM
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2 gas workers shot and killed by man who was angry over electric bill

I swear, it seems like society is coming apart sometimes. Shooting and killing two gas company workers and then yourself because you were angry over a power bill? Just doesn't make any damn sense. And the killer was a felon, so he was already banned from owning guns.
ST. LOUIS • How much of a role outrage over an electric bill played in a lone gunman’s decision to take the lives of two utility workers and his own may never be known, but a day later it was the only clue as to what set Clinton Willis off on Thursday.

The victims were identified Friday as Alex Boschert, 27, of St. Charles County and William Froelich, 52, of Jefferson County. Boschert was remembered as an outdoorsman and Froelich as a family man. Both men were white and their killer black, but police said they ruled out race as a motive based on a background investigation and interviews with Willis’ family and friends.

Willis, 51, did not have a history of mental issues but did have a criminal history dating to the 1990s.

Ginsburg needed to retire under Obama

Just looking at her, there's no way she makes it through Trump's full term. Then we're gonna get an ultra-stacked right wing SCOTUS as Trump appoints another conservative justice. Why oh WHY didn't she just retire and let Obama replace her?

People need to stop letting the media scare them so much

It's all just a ratings game for the media. Scarier headlines=more clicks=more revenue. NOTHING is actually gonna happen with NK. We've been down this road before and it's basically just a stupid game of chicken where nothing ever happens in the end. Ultimately it's all just a big distraction, and Trump loves it because it keeps away the speculation about Russian involvement in the election.

Nothing is gonna happen, nothing ever happens, and we're not gonna have a nuclear war. Stop letting the fear mongering media distract you from real issues.

Does the world have a fundamental duty to save others from human rights abuses?

Serious question. NK in particular has got me thinking about this issue. You can't say yes to the above question, while also seeking a totally passive approach to foreign policy. Nicely asking the brutal dictators of the world to respect the human rights of their citizens will only go so far. At what point does the civilized world have an obligation to step in and put a stop to the abuses? Is it a matter of scale? NK are guilty of human rights abuses on par with the Nazis and Imperial Japanese. The only difference is in the scale. Should there be some arbitrary scale guidelines on when international intervention is appropriate?

Personally I think it would be doing the citizens of NK a great favor to save them from the brutal and delusional Kim family. Some might die in a war, but their current existence is really no way to live life. I'd personally rather fight and die than live in similar conditions.


Trumps approval is going up

Per msnbc. Looks like the "Let's go kick some ass!" foreign policy stuff is working out for him. I wonder if this is gonna be temporary or sustained though. I think people are liking this "Blow up some ISIS scumbags" stuff, but I doubt they'll like it if we get involved in an actual war.

Our Democracy is pretty much dead

From here on out the Repugnants are just gonna cheat their way through everything and do whatever they want because they know nobody has the backbone to stop them. They cheat Obama out of his rightful SCOTUS appointment, change the rules to appoint Trump's appointee, gerrymander everything, ignore the blatant Russia involvement and fake news that tarnished the recent election, and will NEVER vote to repeal the Electoral College because it was put in place to benefit the elites and suppress the majority.

Congratulations big corporations! You won. You have finally succeeded at eating the heart and soul out of the the USA, and you have destroyed any remaining integrity this nation had. I hope the profits are worth it ;/

-We have an illegitimate leader who lost the popular vote by a large margin and is sitting on mid 30's approval ratings after only a few months in office. He doesn't seem to care so long as he can keep golfing and enriching his family.
-We have a government full of Russian puppets, religious fundies, and science deniers.
-We have a new SCOTUS member who thought a truck driver should freeze to death rather than abandon his broken down truck.
-Expect more gerrymandering and vote suppression from the Repugnants in the future. They need to ensure their continued power somehow.
-We have roughly 30-40% of our population in a state of such stupidity and ignorance that they believe fake news garbage about pedophile pizza rings, and will vote for any moron who says catch phrases like MAGA!
-We have one of the worst healthcare systems in the world where we pay 2.5X what most other developed countries do, and have rampant price gouging by big pharma and the healthcare industry in general.
-I could keep going and write a few pages on why this country sucks now, but what's the point?

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