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Member since: Fri Jul 1, 2016, 10:57 PM
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I don't know if this is funny, sad or terrifying

What a bizarre and pathetic show Kavanaugh is putting on.

People of color aren't even safe from the cops in their own home

Awful story, basically you have a female police officer who was most likely drunk enter the wrong apartment and shoot Botham thinking that he was an intruder in 'her home'. This story is every bit as bad as it sounds, and the worst part is they haven't even arrested the officer yet for some insane reason. Imagine if YOU stumbled into the wrong house and shot a cop? I imagine you'd be behind bars right about now.

Raise the age of gun ownership to 21

This is some gun control I can actually agree with. If you're not old enough to buy a beer then you're not old enough to buy an assault weapon. It would at least give young people another three years to mentally mature before allowing them to buy the best weapons you can legally get. Teens are extremely emotional, hormonal, and all around poor candidates for gun ownership.
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