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Would the world be justified in intervening in the Brazilian rainforest situation?

By that I mean strong sanctions and ultimately direct military action if they don't stop the destruction of the Amazon. The Amazon is an important resource to the whole world and all of humanity. I've heard it produces something like 20% of the Oxygen we breath, and the idiots in Brazil are burning it to the ground at an unprecedented pace to raise freaking cattle. The burning of the forest and subsequent cattle farming then creates even more CO2 and methane to further climate change.

IMO the world can't simply stand by and allow a bunch of ignorant cattle farmers to cripple the habitability of our planet by burning down one of its most precious resources.

CEO compensation is up 1,000% from what it used to be. Worker pay? Not so much. Aarthi Swa

Hmmm, seems sustainable and healthy for our society right?
According to the report, CEOs now make 278 times more than their workers. Comparatively, in 1965 a CEO was only making 20 times more.

The peak was in 2000, at the height of the tech bubble, when a CEO was making 368 times as much as the typical worker.

That number fell because of the stock market declines, which “led to a substantial paring back of CEO compensation,” the report stated.
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