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True Dough

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Member since: Mon Jul 18, 2016, 12:36 AM
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"Street lawyer" puts police officer in his place


That is forced accountability right there!

Pete to hold town hall in South Bend later today

according to CNN. Around 3:30 p.m, although I'm not clear if that's Eastern.

Pete's not hiding from the controversy and tragedy at home. He's tackling it straight on, which is what you'd expect from a good leader.

Your grammar lesson for today...

Here's a guaranteed ticket to "air rage"

Some airlines are looking at this style of seat, on display at the Paris Air Show this week, to squeeze even more people in like sardines. Probably would only be used on shorter flights by discount airlines but still, if you spent an hour in one of these "sitting" next to someone who requires more room, you think you'll leave the plane without an air marshal escort after going berserk???


Max Scherzer breaks his nose while practicing bunts

That had to sting!

Canadians worried about climate change but half unwilling to pay more to fight it

Quite the conundrum...

Canadians are deeply concerned about climate change and are willing to make adjustments in their lives to fight it — but for many people, paying as much as even a monthly Netflix subscription in extra taxes is not one of them, a new poll suggests.

The survey results, the first in a series from a poll commissioned by CBC News and conducted by Public Square Research and Maru/Blue to capture a portrait of the country in this election year, found that while nearly two-thirds of Canadians see fighting climate change as a top priority, half of those surveyed would not shell out more than $100 per year in taxes to prevent climate change, the equivalent of less than $9 a month.

The findings point to a population that is both gravely concerned about the heating of the planet but largely unprepared to make significant sacrifices in order to stave off an environmental crisis.

The CBC News poll, which was conducted online between May 31 and June 10, interviewing 4,500 Canadians who are members of the Maru/Blue panel, found that 19 per cent of Canadians listed climate change as the issue they are most worried about — second only to the cost of living, which topped the list at 32 per cent.


World population to near zero growth by the end of the century: Pew Research

This isn't the sort of projection I've become accustomed to reading about due to the abundance of apocalyptic articles out there...

For the first time in modern history, the world’s population is expected to virtually stop growing by the end of this century, due in large part to falling global fertility rates, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of new data from the United Nations.

By 2100, the world’s population is projected to reach approximately 10.9 billion, with annual growth of less than 0.1% – a steep decline from current levels. Between 1950 and today, the world’s population grew between 1% and 2% each year, with the number of people rising from 2.5 billion to more than 7.7 billion.

The global fertility rate is expected to be 1.9 births per woman by 2100, down from 2.5 today. The rate is projected to fall below the replacement fertility rate (2.1 births per woman) by 2070. The replacement fertility rate is the number of births per woman needed to maintain a population’s size.

The world’s median age is expected to increase to 42 in 2100, up from the current 31 – and from 24 in 1950. Between 2020 and 2100, the number of people ages 80 and older is expected to increase from 146 million to 881 million. Starting in 2073, there are projected to be more people ages 65 and older than under age 15 – the first time this will be the case. Contributing factors to the rise in the median age are the increase in life expectancy and falling fertility rates.


A history of white privilege

A man pays his respects...

You must appreciate the art of the sneak attack...

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