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True Dough

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Member since: Mon Jul 18, 2016, 12:36 AM
Number of posts: 15,068

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Does life sometimes leave you feeling boxed in?

Like this?


Care to live in Nantucket?

Well you can! $2.1 million gets you this 360-square-foot condo cottage.

More photos here:


Hurry, before this little gem is gobbled up by someone else with a lot of money to throw away on a tiny box!

Left hanging...


Donny boy says he's going to opt out of this Special Counsel investigation

Good luck with that, fu*kwit!


Can we count on infighting among the ReThugs to keep them from doing much harm?

They're inept at the best of times, but this looks promising.


Schumer pays tribute to Pelosi


Hakeem Jeffries

That's the tweet! So pumped to see him in a leadership role.


The world keeps on spinning

Enjoy the view...


Do you suffer from hemorrhoids?

Then perhaps you can relate to this:

I hope the grass is warm wherever you are today, and not snow-covered!

Good deeds, care to share a few?

What's a heart-warming turn of events that you were on the receiving end of, or that you brought about yourself?

I just saw the story below online and it made me think of the topic. Not all of it has to revolve around money, of course. In my case, a year after my mom died, a parcel arrived in the mail. It was from my "god mother," a close friend of my mom's and a woman I'd really only ever known by name because she moved away while I was still young. Inside the parcel was a hand-made quilt. Stitched in one corner was a label: "I hope this keeps you warm. Your mom is missed. Know that you are still loved." And her name was at the bottom.

The thoughtfulness floored me. I sent her a nice gift in return for Christmas and let her know how much her touching gesture meant to me.

How about you?

Oh yeah, the story online:

Actress Kate Winslet donated nearly $20,000 to a Scottish mother who is struggling to pay her energy bill due to the cost of her daughterís life support, BBC News reported.

The A-Lister contributed to a GoFundMe for Carolynne Hunter of Tillicoultry, a town in Clackmannanshire, about 40 miler northeast of Edinburgh. Hunterís youngest daughter Freya, 12, has cerebral palsy and relies on oxygen for chronic breathing issues.

It costs a staggering $7,600 per year to run the equipment needed to provide her care and heat the familyís home, even though Hunter, 49, has turned off the heat in most rooms to save money.

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