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True Dough

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Member since: Sun Jul 17, 2016, 11:36 PM
Number of posts: 12,815

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Understanding Ted Cruz in a few words...

All aboard the Trump train!!

Kind of smells real bad, doesn't it? Probably better off burying their heads in the sand!

Is/was there a word or phrase from your office that made you cringe?

Here are some examples:

The Republican "jury" is a reflection of its racist historical ties...

One more time: Hillary saw through Donald. Hillary knew! She warned us all!

If only tens of thousands more Americans had listened and believed...


I'm not just thanking DUers for the hearts,

I'm giving $10,000 to each one of you. A mere token of my appreciation!

Lindsey Graham making the case against Trump


Well, you know, context and all. This isn't Lindsey Graham from today, being compromised and such. This was Lindsey Graham from Bill Clinton's impeachment, but it would certainly still apply today (he just would never utter those words against his dear fuhrer).

What's wrong with almost half of America, part 204,661

These good-for-nothings be crazy (still)!!! But, at the bottom of these polls results below, that QAnon number should really be 0 for Dems and independents.

Trump didn't have to be part of the mob...

Twitter seeking ways to take some of your money

Tipping a bot? Nah!

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