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True Dough

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Member since: Sun Jul 17, 2016, 11:36 PM
Number of posts: 12,834

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Clear the damn field! Reggie Jackson coming through


Having fans run onto the field after the game was never a great idea, especially for minority players who didn't know if someone in the crowd was a precursor to a MAGAt.


RIP Leon Spinks, former heavyweight boxing champion

BoxingScene.com has been advised that former world heavyweight champion Leon Spinks Jr. lost his five-year battle with prostate and other cancers, at the age of 67 on Friday, Feb. 5 at 8:15 PM. At the time of his passing his wife Brenda Glur Spinks was by his side.

Due to COVID restrictions, only a few close friends and other family were present. Leon fought his battle with numerous illnesses resiliently, never losing his trademark smile.

Moments before his passing, Spinks mustered up the energy to exchange final words of affection with his son, former world champion Cory Spinks.


How can Andy Reid not be distracted by his son's epic screw up?

This is so awful. I hope Andy is able to focus on the Super Bowl because it means so much to him and his team, but what his son Britt did atrocious.


You won't believe kitteh's jumping ability!

Launched itself like a rocket ship!

QAnon simplified (Sesame Street style)

Even Republicans should understand this:

Joe Biden's executive orders are wildly popular. Suck it, Trump!!!

Keep 'em coming, Joe!


Remember when stuntmen were top quality?

What happened to those guys, anyway?

Is there anything better than slow-cooked bacon?

You know this is the party that the Republicans have become

They would surely oppose this concept today if it were novel, right?

Can we all take a moment and express our sympathy for the QAnon Shaman?

NAH!!! Screw that guy. Enjoy your (organic) just desserts, dipshit!

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