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True Dough

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Member since: Sun Jul 17, 2016, 11:36 PM
Number of posts: 12,846

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A great matter of perspective from Dan Price


Who does your dog love more?

Don't make him or her choose!


Think you could ever eat cicadas?

Apparently some people do. I'd have a hard time swallowing that!

They are the gateway bug into the intoxicatingly crunchy world of insect eating. After lying dormant for nearly 20 years, the cacophonous Brood X cicadas have finally emerged on the East Coast.

But this time around, the most adventurous among us won’t be satisfied merely hearing the deafening critters — some are preparing to cook these trending buggers up like a terrestrial crawfish boil.

“You wanna eat the females, because they’re full of eggs,” Gene Kritsky, author of “Periodical Cicadas: The Brood X Edition,” told The Post. Ditching the tired just-like-chicken comparison, he analogized their flavor to something more like “cold asparagus.”

Now, a small but hungry crowd of intrepid epicures are headed toward the forests of the East Coast and Midwest to catch the insects which only emerge every 17 years. The creative cooks are generating an intriguing buzz both online and in the flesh for the maligned pastime of bug-eating. We, too, decided to put our tastebuds to the test and sample these cyclical delicacies for ourselves. Hakuna matata, right?


Agree or disagree?

Excuse me,

is there something I could give you a hand with, sir?

"Pet therapy" works two ways

and neither party can ever get enough!

There's just something about those eyes

fully dilated, so intense...

CC Sabathia sounds off on Tony La Russa (LANGUAGE WARNING!)

Some strong feelings here about how La Russa responded to one of his White Sox players hitting a home run late in a game while ahead by 11 runs and the batter was up in the count 3-0 against a positional player (a first baseman/catcher), who had taken the mound.


About Trump, he's not going away...

Unless he's either A) tossed in the clink or B) takes a dirt nap


Is there any chance you're responsible for this?

It couldn't have been you, could it?

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