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She won't get locked up, but she may be fined

Not Hillary, but this woman from Portland Maine who is accused of stealing Donald Trump campaign signs. Maybe some of us at the DU could chip in to pay her penalty, if she is found guilty.

A 24-year-old Portland woman was issued a summons Thursday night after a Falmouth patrol officer caught her with several Trump campaign signs in her car — and one in her hand, a Falmouth Police Department official said Friday.

The woman’s name was not immediately available early Friday evening. Falmouth police Lt. John Kilbride said that the incident happened shortly before 10:30 p.m. on Route 1. The signs were on public property.

He said that the woman “stated she was upset with Trump” when asked why she had the signs.

Taking, defacing or disturbing signs bearing political messages relating to a general or primary election or a referendum is a civil violation in Maine. Those who do so face a fine of up to $250.


Chris Christie "Disappointed" but still supporting Trump

"In the end, this election is about bigger issues than that," says Christie.

Bigger issues than Trump being completely unfit for POTUS? I think not!

You can probably hear the San Fran fans in your home

even if your TV is off. Giants pull ahead 4-3 in the 8th inning.

Do not adjust your TV set

Yes, Jake Arrieta just hit a three-run homer off of Madison Bumgarner.

Wow! Just wow!

"God can use this man" referring to Trump!!!

Anyone watching CNN right now? There's a Kansas woman who was just interviewed who is the chair of the Rethug's third congressional district. She was also emphasizing her Christian faith. This is what she said about Drumpf:

"This is the kind of person that needs to lead our country. God can use anybody. He used the harlots. It's all about what God can do. God can use this man."


What's the last food that you "binged" on?

Last night before the debate I went to the grocery store and a 4-pack of cinnamon buns called my name. I hadn't eaten dinner and the first thing I did after getting home and putting the groceries away was reach for those cinnamon buns. By the time the debate was over, so was that treat -- in its entirety!

Van Jones just slammed Trump for his "locker room talk" excuse

In regards to the recently leaked video of Trump's lewd comments, Jones said on CNN tonight:

"The worst thing about it for me, going forward, is this idea that you can dismiss it as locker room talk. That is very dangerous. There is a culture that allows rape. There is a culture that allows sexual assault. And when you minimize it, 'Oh, that was just locker room talk,' no, you are describing sexual assaults. If I grab Donald Trump's crotch and tried to kiss him, I would go to jail. That's sexual assault. You're talking about criminal activity but you minimize it."

A tribute to Bartolo Colon

No, he's not dead (not trying to cause any panic).

I just saw an ESPN tweet tonight that Colon expressed his desire to return again next season if the Mets will have him back. It's remarkable how well he pitched this season (15-8, 3.43 ERA, 1.21 WHIP) considering turned 43 years old and he's farther and farther from winning Mr. Olympia.

I marvel at how he can still hustle for a big man. He made a few nifty plays at first to get some outs this season. He also accomplished this career first in 2016, much to the delight of his teammates.

These two plays are from last season, but they're fun to watch:

I hope Bartolo is back on the mound next year!!!

The global reaction to Trump summed up in a cartoon

From the Halifax Chronicle-Herald's Michael de Adder in Canada

Although it could be argued that Russia and North Korea are cheering on Don the Con.

You seek assisted death? Well, forget about the church's blessing!

This story comes from up here in the Great White North (it's the snow that makes us white, not Aryan-style supremacy).
The Catholic Church came out with a statement today letting those on the path to doctor-assisted death that they will not get a proper Catholic burial. They did qualify the statement with the adjective "high profile" assisted deaths and also reserved the right to deny salvation to vocally supportive family members. The message is clearly: You think you can buy your ticket out of here to skip some of that terminal pain, well don't make too much noise on the way out or you'll pay an eternal price.

Thoughts? I've already forsaken the church. This just makes me dislike their policy that much more.

Edmonton Catholic Archbishop Richard Smith is defending the church's decision to refuse funerals to some Albertans who have chosen assisted dying.

The Catholic Bishops of Alberta and the Northwest Territories issued new guidelines that say priests should not conduct ecclesiastical ceremonies for people who have died in "high-profile" assisted deaths.

The guidelines also say that families who want to celebrate the assisted-death decisions of their loved ones should be denied church funerals.

"The priest and the church have, as our ultimate concern, the salvation of souls and mercy and compassion can never be separated from telling the truth," said Archbishop Richard Smith in a Friday interview with CBC News. "What the church teaches very, very clearly … to die by assisted suicide, euthanasia, these are gravely sinful acts contrary to the will of God."

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