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True Dough

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Member since: Mon Jul 18, 2016, 12:36 AM
Number of posts: 14,120

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Jerry Jones and 16 other NFL owners try to block Roger Goodell contract extension

Anyone here willing to make a case for keeping Goodell around? Who would you like to see replace him?

The Cowboys' Jerry Jones was a leading voice among 17 NFL owners on a conference call Thursday to discuss the possibility of further delaying commissioner Roger Goodell's pending contract extension, sources involved with the call told ESPN.

"You don't get to have this many messes over the years like Roger has had and survive it," said one owner on the call.

The NFL would need 24 owners to approve Goodell's ouster, and owners are skeptical that this can get accomplished. But one person involved in this week's conference call compared the NFL's current situation with Goodell to Major League Baseball's situation with Fay Vincent in September 1992, when baseball owners voted 18-9 to force him out, and replace him with Bud Selig.

Whether this group of 17 owners can stop Goodell's extension from being finalized, which many predicted would have been completed this summer, appears unlikely. But there are a group of owners on the call who were unhappy with a wide range of issues regarding the state of the league during Goodell's tenure.


Can't put the phone down syndrome

How many times have you watched a pro sports event on TV and shook your head as the camera operator pans the crowd and you see numerous people playing, texting or talking on their phones during the action?

I have the World Series on and can see people behind home plate staring at their phones. I mean, sure, I'm typing this post instead of locking my attention on Game 1, but I DIDN'T PAY MORE THAN $1,000 FOR A TICKET!!!

Your favorite places to visit?

Was just reading Kairos12's Zion National Park thread and it made me think of the other most fulfilling destinations I have had the pleasure of experiencing.

Bryce Canyon, not far from Zion, was a place I will never forget.

Muir Woods outside of San Fran. I wouldn't mind having my ashes spread there.

Standing atop Montserrat in Spain. Loved that hour or so that I just gazed at the countryside in all directions.

I'm not a beach guy, so no sandy destinations in my top 3.

Dodgers win the World Series!!!

Because the SI cover jinx is bound to kick in. Pretty impressive that they called the rise of the Astros three years ago, but Houston is still one step away. THANKS SPORTS ILLUSTRATED!


Will the Astros hang on in Game 6?

They're back in Houston.

Verlander is on the hill against Luis Serverino.

Let's face it, Pablo don't give a BLEEP!!!

Knock, knock! Who's there? Polite kitty, that's who!

DAMN Yankees up 2-0 against the Astros in Game 5

And it's Dallas Keuchel on the mound for Houston. Tanaka in control for New York.

Judge with an RBI double.

Game's in the top of the 5th.

Anyone watching the Yanks/Astros Game 4?

What a crazy development with Aaron Judge's base-running. He's out! He's safe! He's out again!

I'm a grown man with no authority!!!

Not when it comes to the bank account or credit cards. Lemme explain. I can make deposits/withdrawls at the bank. I can make purchases with the credit card.

My wife and I have joint accounts on both fronts. The problem is she has the "primary" card. So when it comes to matters of changing features or terms on the accounts, I'm told she has to call, not me. It's incredibly frustrating. I have more time to take care of these matters since I work on contract from home.

Anyone else in the same boat? A second-class customer by virtue of holding the "secondary" card on an account?

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