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True Dough

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Member since: Sun Jul 17, 2016, 11:36 PM
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Some days you feel like

the dog on the left. Some days, it's more like the dog on the right!

Cali Supreme Court rules that elected officials' emails and texts are part of public record

Just wondering if there's anyone here who would argue against this decision, and on what grounds?

The public has a right to access emails and text messages about government business on the private phones and accounts of state and local officials and employees, the California Supreme Court ruled Thursday. In a unanimous decision, the court said those communications were subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act and not shielded because they were sent or received in personal accounts.

"If communications sent through personal accounts were categorically excluded from CPRA, government officials could hide their most sensitive, and potentially damning, discussions in such accounts," Associate Justice Carol Corrigan wrote for the seven-member court.

The ruling came in a lawsuit against the city of San Jose. San Jose City Attorney Richard Doyle said he was not surprised by the decision and did not plan to challenge it. But he said it raised practical challenges for cities and counties.

"The question is how do we access those communications on personal devices without the government being overly intrusive," he said. "I don't expect and intend to have people turn over their phones."


Pussy and balls -- WARNING -- this is not for everybody!!!

If Sessions resigns, who replaces him?

We're all hoping this will bring down the Trump administration and perhaps it will in due course. But a more likely scenario for now is Sessions steps down in disgrace and then Drumpf brings in another AG.

Don't tell me it will be Rudy Giuliani or Chris Christie. Who are the other likely options?

Need a wrestling buddy?

The bear might be available...

How does this truck not flip onto its side?


Damn this man and his anti-immigrant agenda!

First of all, this initiative will only result in growing animosity toward all immigrants, even though it's only supposed to pertain to "aliens," or those here illegally. It will skew people's thinking and distort the perception of crime committed by undocumented immigrants.

Beyond that, how long until people are added to the list who aren't yet convicted? If people try to defend this by saying, "Oh come one, they're not going to make shit up," then remind them of the "Bowling Green massacre" or the fictional attack in Sweden that Trump referenced on national TV.

Donald Trump has announced he will form a new agency to deal with immigrant crime and pledged to publish a regular list of all crimes committed by non-US citizens.

During a landmark speech to Congress markedly softer in tone than his inauguration address, in which he dialled back his trademark brash rhetoric, he revealed that he would set up a special taskforce for "immigrant crime".

The unit will come under the auspices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Department of Homeland Security confirmed.

ICE is expected to publish a weekly list of all crimes committed by what it terms "aliens".


Georges St. Pierre vs. Michael Bisping for the middleweight title

Any UFC fans here? GSP is making his comeback after a 3-year layoff and it was confirmed today that his first fight will be against middleweight champ Michael Bisping. Date and venue to be confirmed. I am stoked!!


What exactly are you trying to tell me???

But are you brave/foolish enough to do this???

Count me out!
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