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True Dough

True Dough's Journal
True Dough's Journal
August 28, 2017

Need just one more player for DU fantasy football...

Express interest here and send me a PM for a link to register your team.

It's going to be a 14-team league! This is your chance to make your name on the fantasy stage! Speak up now!

August 19, 2017

Wreckage of USS Indianapolis located


Seventy-two years after two torpedoes fired from a Japanese submarine sunk cruiser USS Indianapolis (CA-35), the ship’s wreckage was found resting on the seafloor on Saturday – more than 18,000 feet below the Pacific Ocean’s surface.

Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist, led a search team, assisted by historians from the Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) in Washington, D.C., to accomplish what past searches had failed to do – find Indianapolis, considered the last great naval tragedy of World War II.

“To be able to honor the brave men of the USS Indianapolis and their families through the discovery of a ship that played such a significant role in ending World War II is truly humbling,” said Allen in a statement provided to USNI News on Saturday.
“As Americans, we all owe a debt of gratitude to the crew for their courage, persistence and sacrifice in the face of horrendous circumstances. While our search for the rest of the wreckage will continue, I hope everyone connected to this historic ship will feel some measure of closure at this discovery so long in coming.”

August 19, 2017

A tribute to slavery

It's a pretty simple concept for most of us level-headed people to grasp, isn't it?

August 18, 2017

Is Trump going to pardon Julian Assange?

Could President Trump be considering a pardon for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange? That is the latest rumor after California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R) met with Assange earlier this week to discuss "what might be necessary to get him out" of asylum, The Daily Caller reports. The rumors reignited Friday morning when an account that tracks who the Trump family follows shared that Donald Trump Jr. followed Assange:


Assange faces sexual assault charges in Sweden and if he returned there, he could be deported to the U.S. where he could face a potential death penalty for leaking documents with Edward Snowden. To avoid the charges, Assange has lived in the Ecuadorian embassy since 2012.

In his interview, Rohrabacher suggested that Assange might be pardoned in exchange for information about the Democratic National Committee email leak last year. "[Assange] has information that will be of dramatic importance to the United States and the people of our country as well as to our government," Rohrabacher told The Daily Caller. "Thus if he comes up with that, you know he's going to expect something in return. He can't even leave the embassy to get out to Washington to talk to anybody if he doesn't have a pardon."

Assange notably has argued that Russia was not involved in the DNC hack, contrary to reports by U.S. intelligence. Rohrabacher has been criticized for being too soft on Russia.

August 17, 2017

Has this joke been told here?

Forgive me if you've read it before, but it's good and rings true...

An Islamophobe, a homophobe, a racist, a sex offender and a white supremacist walked into a bar. The bartender asked, "What'll it be, Mr. Trump?"

August 14, 2017

Not every dog is cut out for Frisbee

It's an acquired skill, and this pooch is still working on her technique...

August 14, 2017

I have a problem with CNN

I just watched a panel discussion on Trump's delay in condemning the white supremacists/Nazis.

Among the four panel members was Sara Sidner, who is a reporter with CNN (identified during the panel as a "correspondent" ). CNN is regularly accused by the right of being a mouthpiece for the Dems. Remember "Clinton News Network?"

So here we have a correspondent joining a panel and being invited to give her personal opinions of Trump's conduct. She probably said the least, but she was critical of Trump (no one here would question why).

However, in terms of journalism ethics, I think that taints perceptions of Sidner's future reporting. It gives a platform to the critics who say that CNN employs anti-Trump journalists, that the network is biased. There is no questioning now that Sidner feels Trump acted unacceptably. If she files a political report in the future, the right-wingers would be able to say, "Oh yeah, she openly expressed her disapproval of Trump in the past. She's prejudiced against him."

They have done this with Dana Bash and Jeff Zeleny and others.

Best to leave the political panel to those who aren't trusted to bring us news. Perspectives from David Axelrod, Gloria Borger, Thomas Friedman and others are welcome because they're expected to play the role of "analysts" and not impartial ones, the way reporters should strive to be.

August 14, 2017

Would you be in favor of retesting driving skills for older motorists?

I've heard/read a number of opinions on this topic over the years and I'm wondering where DUers weigh in on this.

Should there be a particular age, maybe 70 or 75, where drivers have to demonstrate their driving skills in order to maintain their licence, and then continue to do so every year or two?

We all know older folks who insist that they're still capable of driving even though we're highly skeptical of their abilities on the road. It's 2017 and "ageism" is politically incorrect, but do you believe that for safety's sake there should be laws enforcing retests at a certain age?

***I fully acknowledge that there are terrible drivers of EVERY age on the road (some younger drivers are far worse than some septuagenarian or octogenarian drivers, but the decline of vision, cognitive and motor skills cannot be denied as we age.***

August 13, 2017

Girl terrorized by lunging predator!

Look away!!!

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