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Pablo Sandoval throws a 1-2-3 inning on the mound

And Brother Buzz has never been prouder!

Who's the louder talker, you or your husband/wife?

I come from a family of loud talkers. Drives my wife bonkers at times. My decibel level is not deafening by any means but it's probably about 30 per cent higher than average, I'd guess.

On my dad's side of the family, his mom was a much louder talker than his dad, so it's not always the man who's the proverbial loud mouth!

Susan Sarandon says she 'alienated' women in Hollywood by not supporting Hillary Clinton

Can we form a line here of people who'd like to offer their sympathies?

Though she says she felt welcomed by the women championing the #MeToo movement, Sarandon explains, “I definitely alienated a lot of people by not supporting Hillary Clinton. That was an industry decision, and I was not, and a few other people were not, part of that group. …[It] was clear that some people that are in this industry took it very personally.”

She cites visiting Nicaragua in 1984 as a moment of controversy in her career, but that the 2016 election “drew the line in the sand very deeply.” “[It] wasn’t anything to do with [Clinton] personally, it all had to do with her policies and her actions and where she was getting her money from and things like that.”

She added, “I think when you’re becoming a person, you have to challenge everything that you’ve been told. You have to look at your religion, you have to look at your nationalism, you have to look at … how your sex life unfolds, everything. You have to go through that period. And that’s why no one should make a decision till they’re in their 30s about who they’re with [laughs], because you have to become that person. You have to own who that is, and you have to go through crises of faith before you can embrace who you are fully.”


Reduce the number of games in Major League Baseball?

The Cubbies' Anthony Rizzo is definitely in favor. How about you? Is 162 game too many? BTW, Rizzo even says he'd take a pay cut to do it!

CHICAGO -- Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo is advocating for a shorter season, even if that means a smaller paycheck for players.

"I think we play too much baseball," Rizzo said Tuesday during his weekly appearance on ESPN 1000. "Yes, guys are going to take pay cuts. But are we playing this game for the money or do we love this game? I know it's both, but in the long run it will make everything better."

Rizzo believes a transition period with guaranteed contracts could be worked out, perhaps "grandfathering" them into a new system with new contracts reflecting fewer games played...

"I think playing in the cold sucks," Rizzo said. "I was thinking about this the other day. When you think of Cubs and Cardinals, you think of a beautiful Saturday at Wrigley Field. You don't think about playing in 20 degrees."


Ever had one of those days?

One of those "damn Syrian immigrants"

provided medical care to the surviving hockey players from the bus crash in Saskatchewan, Canada. Just another guy who should be deported, right??? After all, he's taking a job that may have otherwise gone unfilled in a rural area -- and rural areas of Canada often have difficulty recruiting health care professionals.

Thank you, sir, for your medical expertise and for holding up under unimaginable pressure and trauma.

SASKATOON — Hassan Masri once cared for airstrike victims in Syria's civil war, but that didn't hardened him to the injuries he and other emergency staff at Saskatoon's Royal University Hospital saw Friday night after a horrific bus crash that killed 15 people.

The hospital declared a "code orange" meaning mass casualties are expected.

That designation means extra staff and extra machines are called in. Teams are organized to be assigned to each patient.

Everyone worked through the night treating 15 patients from a collision between a bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team and a transport truck in eastern Saskatchewan. One of those patients later died, the RCMP said Saturday.

But after hours and hours of working non-stop, Masri was able to look up and remember he's human.


And a little cuddle before sleep

Bath time!

Remember this character?

Or should I say snake oil salesman?

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