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True Dough

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Member since: Sun Jul 17, 2016, 11:36 PM
Number of posts: 14,396

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Has anyone seen the kitty?

Chernobyl movie trailer (HBO)

I'd watch!

MLB opening day THURSDAY!

March 28. The earliest opening day in the history of Major League Baseball. Thanks global warming?

Mets Nationals 1:05 PM deGrom (0-0) Scherzer (0-0)
Orioles Yankees 1:05 PM Cashner (0-0) Tanaka (0-0)
Cardinals Brewers 2:10 PM Mikolas (0-0) Chacin (0-0)
Braves Phillies 3:05 PM Teheran (0-0) Nola (0-0)
Tigers Blue Jays 3:37 PM Zimmermann (0-0) Stroman (0-0)
Astros Rays 4:00 PM Verlander (0-0) Snell (0-0)
Cubs Rangers 4:05 PM Lester (0-0) Minor (0-0)
Angels Athletics 4:07 PM Cahill (0-0) Fiers (0-1)
Pirates Reds 4:10 PM Taillon (0-0) Castillo (0-0)
Rockies Marlins 4:10 PM Freeland (0-0) Urena (0-0)
Indians Twins 4:10 PM Kluber (0-0) Berrios (0-0)
Giants Padres 4:10 PM Bumgarner (0-0) Lauer (0-0)
D-backs Dodgers 4:10 PM Greinke (0-0) Ryu (0-0)
White Sox Royals 4:15 PM Rodon (0-0) Keller (0-0)
Red Sox Mariners 7:10 PM Sale (0-0) Gonzales (1-0)

Mayor Pete has overtaken Elizabeth Warren in DU Primaries support!

When you look at the candidates with the top support, there's Pete Buttigieg with 6% of DUers' allegiance, bumping Elizabeth Warren out of that fourth place spot.

Next up: Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden at 8% each.


Did you know it's National Puppy Day?

Adorable dogs and puppies flooded social media Saturday as people shared posts tagged #NationalPuppyDay, including businesses and even government organizations.

National Puppy Day was created in 2006 to promote pet adoption, raise awareness about puppy mills and "to celebrate the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives," according to the National Puppy Day website.

This year, sports franchises, charities and beer brands joined in.

Around noon Saturday, National Puppy Day was trending on Twitter with more than 14,000 tweets. And in total, Instagram reports more than 4 million #NationalPuppyDay posts.


Viking cruise ship adrift without engine power; 8 passengers injured


Eight people have been injured after a cruise ship's engines failed in stormy conditions off the west coast of Norway.

The Viking Sky, carrying about 1,300 passengers and crew, sent a mayday signal as it drifted towards land.

Video posted on social media showed furniture sliding around inside the ship and debris falling from the ceiling as it listed heavily to one side.

Those on board are being hoisted one-by-one from the deck and taken by rescue helicopter to a village just north of the town of Molde.
It is slow work, and is expected to continue through the night.


How many DU members does this represent?

Get the hell out of Dodge, ya hear me?!?!?


How do you feel about making fun of Republicans' physical appearance?

Trump's obesity. Sarah Sanders' eyes. Mitch McConnell's facial features. Etc.

I'm guessing most wouldn't say these sorts of things about allies, but the Republicans are considered fair game because they're so despised.

For those who would agree with the above statement, are you only comfortable making disparaging remarks about Trump et al on a discussion forum or would you say such things in public? At your workplace, for example?

GoPro camera taken in four-legged heist

Run, doggo! Run!
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