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True Dough

True Dough's Journal
True Dough's Journal
July 1, 2019

There's just no stopping Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

ALEXANDRIA, VA—Saying she hadn’t missed a summer since she was on the U.S. Court of Appeals, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said Tuesday that she had once again returned to her off-season lifeguarding job at Splash Central waterpark.

“They basically pay me $12 an hour just to sit in a chair and work on my tan all day—not to mention flirt with the hotties—so what’s not to like?” said Ginsburg, 84, slathering sunscreen on her bare arms as she noted that while it could get a little stressful watching over the “little shits running wild” in the Kiddie Cove area, it was otherwise “pretty chill” and far better than being stuck inside all day while court was in session.

“Plus, employees get half-off at the snack bar, and after work we all just go drinking or hang out in the parking lot getting fucking blazed. I’ve also been hooking up with this other lifeguard, Hunter. I hope he keeps working here during break when he goes off to college next year, but, if not, this place is crawling with studs.” Ginsburg went on to say that she definitely has a more fun off-season job than Justice Breyer, who reportedly caddies for rich assholes that never fucking tip.


July 1, 2019

FBI warns of possible terrorism on July 4th -- domestic terrorism

The enemy within. Don't wear your MAGA hats too tight, Trumpers!

Federal authorities are warning that white supremacists and other political radicals could look to attack Independence Day revelers on July 4, noting in a bulletin to law enforcement around the country that domestic terrorists “have attacked perceived oppressors, opponents, or enemies engaged in outdoor First Amendment-protected rallies or protests during past summers.”

The warning came in a joint intelligence bulletin issued by the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and National Counterterrorism Center, urging law enforcement personnel to remain vigilant for suspicious activity.

Such bulletins are routinely distributed in the days before a major national holiday, but previous bulletins have often focused on “homegrown” terrorists inspired by overseas groups like ISIS or al-Qaeda rather than “domestic” terrorists radicalized by domestic issues such as abortion or white supremacy.

“The FBI, DHS, and NCTC remain concerned that [they] could target upcoming Independence Day celebrations, gatherings, or parades, though we are unaware of any current plots specifically targeting such events,” stated the bulletin, obtained by ABC News. “We note that attacks can occur with little to no warning because of the frequently lower levels of security around civilian targets, challenges in securing large crowds, and calls for attacks against soft targets.”

June 29, 2019

An open invitation to Biden supporters who have long been opposed to the NRA

Your candidate said during the debate and posted on his Twitter account that NRA and its members are not the enemy, it's the gun manufacturers who bankroll the NRA who are our opponent. His words.

Some of you DUers have gone silent or apparently softened on the NRA.

I did a search of some anti-NRA threads from the past 18 months (there are many) and selected some comments from longstanding DUers who are now Biden supporters. I am pasting those comments below. I'm not attaching names. I do have the URLs pasted elsewhere, so I can verify if you doubt the veracity of these remarks. And this list is far from exhaustive, it's just a sample. Anyone here can go into the archives and find such posts.

Maybe you'll recognize your own words. Please, come forward and reconcile how you could make such statements in the recent past and support a candidate who is inclined to give the NRA a pass:

The NRA is a terrorist organization

The NRA is evil

NRA needs to be reported to the FBI for this type of intimidation tactic. this proves NRA is a dangerous hate group that should have its status as a nonprofit revoked and be investigated for inciting violence. This is so alarming, and done in plain sight. The crazies are not hiding the fact they're a hate group at this point.

I pledge that I will not vote for a candidate in the Democratic Party presidential primary of 20 who continues to take gun rights money in any form from any group including but not limited to the NRA...going forward. I won't hold them accountable for the past-new slate Democrats. I also will vote for any Democrat who took money from anyone (including Satan) in the General...I would vote for a yellow dog in the general if he has a 'D' next to his name and crawl across broken glass to do so. Also, taxes must be released or a candidate should not be permitted to run in a primary...any candidate. We can't call out Trump if we are doing the same thing.

it time for NRA 501c3 status to be revoked? I dare say there is nothing legal in what they do that is considered to be for a tax-free charitable enterprise. being a corporate wing of the gun lobby and taking russian monies illegally its time to shut it down completely....

And the gunners just love their NRA. "The NRA has gun safety courses" is their justification.

National Russian Association?

Got to do something about those WORDS OF MASS DESTRUCTION (WMD)! They might actually reform powerful propaganda machines like the NRA! On with the attack!
June 29, 2019

What the hell is up with Biden and the NRA???

Joe is way too defensive of a reprehensible organization for my liking. Not only did he say this during the debate (which some supporters tried to write off as Biden misspeaking), he posted it on his Twitter account:


The members of the NRA are not our opponents — the vast majority of them support common-sense reforms, including universal background checks. The gun manufacturers who bankroll the NRA are our opponent.

As president, Biden will defeat them.

June 28, 2019

Job creation under Trump

June 28, 2019

Amount of time each candidate got on the microphone tonight

Biden -- 13:18

Harris -- 12:09

Sanders -- 10:53

Mayor Pete -- 10:27

Bennet -- 7:59

Gillibrand -- 7:43

Hickenlooper -- 5:04

Williamson -- 4:52

Swalwell -- 4:47

Yang -- 2:56

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