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True Dough

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Member since: Sun Jul 17, 2016, 11:36 PM
Number of posts: 14,396

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Sure-fire hit! The GOP Christmas album will warm your heart (or not)

But it will put a smile on your face with this treatment...


I had an Alan Dershowitz joke, and many others...

This stuff is trending on Twitter. Some good LOLs.







I have a Louis DeJoy joke but Iíll just screw up the delivery

Feel free to add your own!

I watched my Trump supporter neighbor set up his nativity scene yesterday...

Buffalo Bulls RB Jaret Patterson ties record with 8 rushing TDs and 409 yards

Buffalo's Jaret Patterson had to wait a couple of extra months to run the ball this season, as the Bulls didn't start playing until November because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Patterson, a junior from Glendale, Maryland, tied the FBS record for rushing touchdowns in a game and had the second highest single-game rushing total with 409 yards and eight scores in a 70-41 victory over Kent State on Saturday. He tied former Illinois star Howard Griffith's FBS record of eight rushing touchdowns, set against Southern Illinois in 1990.

"Obviously, he's very special," Buffalo coach Lance Leipold said. "Some of those big plays, it's the patience. It's the vision once he sees it. Today, even more so, I think there were some broken tackles for either first downs or ones that ended up being huge gains or even touchdowns. Now you start adding his speed, quickness and balance, that's what makes him one of the best in the country."

Patterson's rushing total of 409 yards on 36 carries was the second most behind Oklahoma's Samaje Perine's 427 against Kansas in 2014.


An interesting perspective on global population density

Notice how Australia is practically non-existent.

Confused baby sees her father's twin brother for the first time

Young mind blown!


Baltimore Ravens experience major Covid issues. Shut down training facility until Monday




Lamar Jackson is one of the players rumored to have tested positive for the virus.


Tim Tebow still striving to make the Mets' roster (ATTN: Brother Buzz)

Never give up! That's the message here, Brother Buzz!


Biden: I believe "grim season of division" will give way to unity

Where does Joe Biden get this sense of optimism?

He served front and center through eight years of the Obama presidency and the Republicans did nothing but obstruct the entire time.

If Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz weren't all re-elected, maybe there would be hope that Biden could achieve some sort of detente, at the very least. But with those malicious turds among the ranks, I can't imagine the Republicans ever being open to compromise.

Anyone else see the possibility?

How a President functions without nepotism

A rather unique concept for some individuals...

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