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Grey Lemercier

Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: San Diego
Home country: USA
Current location: London
Member since: Fri Jul 22, 2016, 05:13 AM
Number of posts: 1,429

About Me

26 yo, bi-racial, femme lesbian, happily married, moderate liberal, business owner, post grad degree, South Kensington, London GO HILLARY 2016! PS I hate flying with no leg room,lol. https://i.gyazo.com/08101542e7aeaac6a803a7b32f4fa723.png

Journal Archives

I tortured myself and turned on Fox News and

some " man in the street" interviewer named Jesse Watters was in Times Square NYC, and got SOOOOOO HILARIOUSLY TROLLED by a group of gay black men. Bill O'Reilly (fucker) was gobsmacked.

I sooooooo want to post the video. Legendary live telly.

We are dying here!!! Lololol

Posted by Grey Lemercier | Mon Nov 7, 2016, 09:58 PM (10 replies)

Julian Assange to be interviewed by prosecutor and Swedish police at Ecuadorean embassy in London

Source: The Independent UK

Julian Assange will be interviewed at the Ecuadorean embassy in London on Monday 14 November, the Swedish prosecutor has said. The interview will be conducted by an Ecuadorean prosecutor and the Swedish deputy prosecutor in the case against the WikiLeaks founder and a Swedish police investigator will be allowed to attend the hearing. A DNA sample will also be taken if Mr Assange agrees to give his consent.

The results of the interview will later be reported from Ecuador to the Swedish prosecutors in a written statement," a statement from the Swedish Prosecution Authority said. "After this report, the prosecutors will take a view on the continuation of the investigation."

It adds: "As the investigation is ongoing, it is subject to confidentiality." "Therefore, the prosecutors cannot provide information concerning details of the investigation after the interview." Mr Assange is under investigation by prosecutors for an alleged rape during his visit to Sweden in 2010. He denies the rape allegation and has challenged Sweden's detention order several times.

His request to leave the Ecuadorean embassy to attend the funeral of his friend and mentor Gavin MacFayden was recently blocked. The Swedish prosecutor’s office announced it would not suspend the warrant as it does not allow exemptions to a court decision. Mr Assange has been holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy since June 2012, after exhausting all legal options in his battle against extradition to Sweden.

Read more: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/julian-assange-police-ecuadorean-embassy-interview-rape-charges-a7402056.html
Posted by Grey Lemercier | Mon Nov 7, 2016, 07:14 AM (10 replies)

Trump is a threat to the West as we know it, even if he loses


They share ideas and ideology, friends and funders. They cross borders to appear at one another’s rallies. They have deep contacts in Russia — they often use Russian disinformation — as well as friends in other authoritarian states. They despise the West and seek to undermine Western institutions. They think of themselves as a revolutionary avant-garde just like, once upon a time, the Communist International, or Comintern, the Soviet-backed organization that linked communist parties around Europe and the world. Now, of course, they are not Soviet-backed, and they are not communist. But this loose group of parties and politicians — Austria’s Freedom Party, the Dutch Party for Freedom, the UK Independence Party, Hungary’s Fidesz, Poland’s Law and Justice, Donald Trump — have made themselves into a global movement of “anti-globalists.” Meet the “Populist International”: Whoever wins the U.S. election Tuesday, its influence is here to stay.

Although it is often described (by me and others searching for a shorthand) as “far-right,” the Populist International has little to do with the “right” that has thrived in Western countries since World War II. Continental European Christian Democracy arose out of a postwar desire to bring morality back to politics; Gaullism came out of a long French tradition of statism and secularism; Anglo-Saxon conservatives had a historic preference for free markets. Most of them shared a Burkean small-“c” conservatism: a dislike of radical change, skepticism of “progress,” a belief in the importance of conserving institutions and values. Most of them emerged out of particular local and historical traditions. All of them shared a devotion to representative democracy, religious tolerance, Western integration and the Western alliance.

By contrast, the parties that belong to the Populist International, and the media that support it, are not Burkean. They don’t want to conserve or preserve what exists. Instead, they want to radically overthrow the institutions of the present to bring back things that existed in the past — or that they believe existed in the past — by force. Their language takes different forms in different countries, but their revolutionary projects often include the expulsion of immigrants, or at least the return to all-white (or all-Dutch, or all-German) societies; the resurrection of protectionism; the reversal of women’s or minorities’ rights; the end of international institutions and cooperation of all kinds. They advocate violence: In 2014, Trump said that “you’ll have to have riots to go back to where we used to be, when America was great.”

Sometimes they claim to be Christian, but just as often they are nihilists and cynics. Their ideology, sometimes formalized and sometimes not, opposes homosexuality, racial integration, religious tolerance and human rights.

The Populist International holds these goals to be more important than prosperity, more important than economic growth, more important than democracy itself. Like the parties that once formed the Comintern, they are eager to destroy existing institutions — from independent courts and media to international alliances and treaties — to obtain them. This week, Britain’s Daily Mail, a newspaper that propagates the ideas of the Populist International, actually denounced three high-court judges as “Enemies of the People” because they decreed that Britain’s exit from the European Union would require parliamentary consultation. Trump is only one of many politicians — Poland’s Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Hungary’s Viktor Orban — who have launched attacks on the principles of their own constitutions.

Posted by Grey Lemercier | Sun Nov 6, 2016, 05:52 PM (1 replies)

Lead Brexit Claimant Gina Miller Flooded With Racist Death Threats After High Court Ruling

"Kill her, she's not even British," read one tweet.


The woman who brought Brexit to the High Court has received death threats and racist online abuse after judges ruled that the U.K. government must get parliamentary approval if it wants to leave the European Union.

In June, during the aftermath of the U.K.'s referendum, businesswoman and philanthropist Gina Miller privately hired City law firm Mishcon de Reya in order to challenge the authority of the British government over implementation of Brexit and its power to invoke Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, arguing that Parliament had a say in the matter.

Miller’s victory on November 3 means that the process cannot begin until U.K. lawmakers vote, a decision that has added more frustration and delay to a government that has yet to lay out its Brexit plan.

In an article titled "Who do EU think you are?", U.K. newspaper The Sun called Miller a “foreign-born multi-millionaire” and “the woman who may have sabotaged Britain's Brexit deal.” But comments on social media took criticism to a whole new level, with some users calling for Miller to be "shot" or "hung,” The Huffington Post reports. “Kill her, she’s not even British,” one Twitter account-holder posted.


Gina Miller Article 50 Judgement Fallout Sees Campaigner Receive Death Threats Online


A prominent campaigner who helped bring about the successful legal challenge to the government over Brexit has received death threats online.

Gina Miller, 51, led the action against the government’s plan to commence Article 50 negotiations to leave the EU without parliament’s consent.

But since the decision of the High Court to accept her claim, Miller has received online threats against her life.

A link about Miller shared into the Facebook group ‘UKIP Peoples Forum 2020’ received the comments “Kill her! 2 behind the ear. Throw her in the garbage. Dustbin, whatever...” and “I hope she gets f...king killed”.

Elsewhere, people on Facebook wrote that Miller “should be shot” and “hung”.

SNP MP Stewart McDonald described the threats as “utterly horrendous”.

Posted by Grey Lemercier | Fri Nov 4, 2016, 10:10 AM (6 replies)

President Obama is/was a badass HUMAN, just wanted to salute him as we transition to President

Hilary R. Clinton.

Late 2008 made me TINGLE as 17 year old human being, and he continued on with impeccable dignity in the face of RW scum attacks, and tumultuous world events for 8 years.

Here is OUR (as in the WHOLE NATION'S, you scum fucking racist, misogynist Trumpster POS) POTUS at the peak of his powers.

Posted by Grey Lemercier | Thu Nov 3, 2016, 09:59 PM (3 replies)

Remainers hail 'woman of the century' Gina Miller after judges backed her over Brexit

So so proud of a fellow West Indian (she is Guyanese) Brit woman (I am half Bajan) potentially stopping the fucking Brexit nightmare!


Gina Miller is the leading figure in today's victorious High Court challenge
Guyanan-born ex-model voted Remain said referendum made her 'sick'
Mrs Miller, 51, married to a millionaire financier known as 'Mr Hedge Fund'
Remain team of up to 12 barristers also backed by Portuguese hairdresser

Glamourous, feisty and impeccably well-connected, South American-born former model Gina Miller humiliated Theresa May and derailed British democracy because Brexit made her feel 'physically sick'.
Mrs Miller, 51, lives in London with her financier husband Alan, nicknamed 'Mr Hedge Fund' because he made £30 million after starting one of the City's first in 1997.

The couple run an investment firm with a reported £100million in its portfolios. Nicknamed 'Mrs Wham Glam' by friends, she has now been branded 'woman of the century' by Remainers who cheered her on the steps of the High Court today.

The mother-of-three, who was born in Guyana but grew up in Britain, became a successful City investment manager and also set up the No.1 Ladies' Investment Club for women in business.

And friends say she is sharp-witted and acid-tongued, with a reputation for winning every argument.
Describing herself as a 'natural fighter, she has rattled cages in the City and accused the charity sector of widespread inefficiencies. But this year Mrs Miller, a Labour supporter, put the Government's Brexit plans in her sights because she was 'absolutely stunned' by the referendum result.


Victorious Gina Miller reacts to article 50 ruling: 'this case was about process, not politics' – video


Posted by Grey Lemercier | Thu Nov 3, 2016, 11:35 AM (7 replies)

The ruthlessly effective rebranding of Europe’s new far right

Across the continent, rightwing populist parties have seized control of the political conversation. How have they done it? By stealing the language, causes and voters of the traditional left...


n April 2002, Jean-Marie Le Pen stunned all of Europe by defeating the socialist candidate, Lionel Jospin, in the first round of the French presidential election, and advancing to the final round between the top two candidates. Terrified by the prospect of a far-right victory, the French left – including communists, Greens and the Socialist party – threw their support behind the incumbent president, Jacques Chirac, a pillar of the centre-right establishment who had served as mayor of Paris for 18 years before becoming president in 1995. This electoral strategy effectively isolated Le Pen’s Front National (FN), depicting it as a cancerous force in the French body politic.

Two weeks later, on 5 May, Chirac won the election with an astronomical 82% of the vote, trouncing Le Pen by the biggest margin in a French presidential election since 1848. Raucous celebrations spilled into the streets of Paris. “We have gone through a time of serious anxiety for the country – but tonight France has reaffirmed its attachment to the values of the republic,” Chirac declared in his victory speech. Then, speaking to the joyous crowds in the Place de la République, he lauded them for rejecting “intolerance and demagoguery”. But May 2002 was not, in fact, a moment of triumph. Rather it was the dying gasp of an old order, in which the fate of European nations was controlled by large establishment parties.

Jean-Marie Le Pen was an easy target for the left, and for establishment figures such as Chirac. He was a political provocateur who appealed as much to antisemites and homophobes as to voters upset about immigration, drawing his support largely from the most reactionary elements of the old Catholic right. In other words, he was a familiar villain – and his ideology represented an archaic France, a defeated past. Moreover, he did not seriously aim for power, and never really came close to acquiring it; his role was to be a rabble-rouser and to inject his ideas into the national debate.

Europe’s new far right is different. From Denmark to the Netherlands to Germany, a new wave of rightwing parties has emerged over the past decade-and-a-half, and they are casting a much wider net than Jean-Marie Le Pen ever attempted to. And by deftly appealing to fear, nostalgia and resentment of elites, they are rapidly broadening their base.


sound familiar?

Posted by Grey Lemercier | Thu Nov 3, 2016, 06:00 AM (4 replies)

Post-ABC poll finds tight presidential race, with mixed reaction to FBI’s review of Clinton emails


Republicans' growing unity behind Donald Trump has helped pull him just one percentage point below Hillary Clinton and placed GOP leaders who resist him in a vulnerable position, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News Tracking Poll.

A majority of all likely voters say they are unmoved by the FBI's announcement Friday that it may review additional emails from Clinton's time as secretary of state. Just over 6 in 10 voters say the news will make no difference in their vote, while just over 3 in 10 say it makes them less likely to support her; 2 percent say they're more likely to back her as a result.


The Post-ABC Tracking Poll continues to find a very tight race, with Clinton at 46 percent and Trump at 45 percent among likely voters in interviews from Tuesday through Friday, followed by Libertarian Gary Johnson at 4 percent and the Green Party's Jill Stein at 2 percent. The result is similar to a 47-45 Clinton-Trump margin in the previous wave released Saturday, though smaller than found in other surveys this week. When likely voters are asked to choose between Clinton and Trump alone, Clinton stands at 49 percent to Trump's 46 percent, a margin that is still statistically insignificant.


538 Rating

11 point swing in less than a week


Great news is that Pennsylvania appears to be holding at 8 point lead, which is huge as a PA flip to the shitgibbon changes so much

Posted by Grey Lemercier | Sun Oct 30, 2016, 11:28 AM (15 replies)

A calm,cool,rational,detailed look at the near impossibility of a Trump win (even w/ mass damage

from idiot weak voters over Comey's email stunt)

I have been working on this for days. I can set the range right now for the entire Election. the LOWEST possible EV total for Clinton is 268 (2 scenarios) and 269 (4 scenarios), Trump has ONE scenario to 270, and then 2 at 269, 1 at 264, and 2 at 263 EV's. In all 5 non 270's, it goes to the Repub House who would have to vote him POTUS.

There is EXACTLY ONE way, yes ONE path for Trump to 270 and outright win. There are only 5 other ways for Hillary to NOT hit 270 and thus toss the POTUS choice to the House (probably Trump wins, but chaos could ensue, and THAT is beyond the scope of this post)

All 6 scenarios involve just 4 things

A Utah (will be either Trump or McMullin, and ONLY MATTER in ONE scenario (the 270 outright Trump win, it is MEANINGLESS in ALL other scenarios because it will have zero effect on HILLARY's EV's)

B Nebraska 2nd district (Obama won it, thus gaining one vote in 2008, and Hillary has a shot at it again)

C Maine 2nd District (Trump has lead thruout for its one split EV)

D New Hampshire... the simplest one, IF TRUMP loses NH, there is NO path, if my 4 Blue Wall states below hold.

I start out by laying out the 4 "Blue Wall states" that Sec Clinton is up in so high there is basically no way she can lose them, even if there is a bad blowback from the combined onslaught of the Foundation leaks plus the new Comey bullshit partisan October surprise (he is a fucking traitor)

These 4 are Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia (the newest entry to the Blue Wall, yay) and then the shakiest, but still in the bag one, Pennsylvania. In all 4 she has a 85% (91% in VA) or higher shot at winning and other than PA, is probably near a double digit lead.

So now we move to ALL the other states Trump HAS to SWEEP in order for my pathways to even be considered, he WILL NOT, NOT NOT sweep all these, but again, I am giving them ALL to Trump to show you how hard it is for him to win EVEN with all these.



he loses ANY, any one

its impossible for Clinton to not hit 270 and thus win. No way will he sweep those, but lets just say he does

now here the only 6 scenarios left, literally


ALL these include NEW HAMPSHIRE going to Trump (by far the state out of all those he is doing the worst in) He loses NH, he is also toast.

If Hillary takes Nebraska 2nd district and Trump loses Maine 2nd, he is toast too

The only 270 Trump scenario

Clinton 268 Trump 270 Utah Trump ME only split Only Way Trump wins outright

now the "House elects Trump" ones

Clinton 269 Trump 269 Utah Trump NE ME Both split

Clinton 269 Trump 269 Utah Trump NE ME no split

Clinton 268 Trump 264 Utah McMullin only ME split

Clinton 269 Trump 263 Utah McMullin NE ME both split

Clinton 269 Trump 263 Utah McMullin NE ME no splits

There you have it, EVERY even remotely possible way Trump could win,

He literally needs to sweep every state listed except Utah, PLUS win New Hampshire, PLUS win ME 2nd district IF Hillary wins NE 2nd district.

THERE is less than a 1% chance ALL this goes his way.

My prediction

Posted by Grey Lemercier | Fri Oct 28, 2016, 03:47 PM (1 replies)

Remington Research polls (the only ones showing Trump surging) are completely skewed Rethug SHITE

I use a RW source to prove it, as it was the only site i could find that addressed their methodologies.

Even THEY admit Remington is SHITE.


Don’t like polls from media outlets and academic institutions? Meet Remington Research, which regularly conducts polls for Axiom Strategies, a Republican-oriented consultancy. Both were founded by Jeff Roe, a longtime GOP strategist who has worked at times for Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz, specifically on his presidential bid this cycle. Axiom has a very good success rate in Congressional elections (81% of its clients have won their elections as of early 2016), and Roe got a great deal of the credit for Cruz’ surprise win in the Iowa caucuses in February.

Remington has turned its focus to swing-state polling, and finds Donald Trump up in one key state and within striking distance of Hillary Clinton in another. Both, however, raise questions about reliability.

Let’s start with Ohio, where Remington finds Trump leading by four points, 46/42. In order to get there, Remington starts off with a poll sample that has an R+9 partisan composition (34/43/23). That’s, um, a very optimistic election turnout model for Ohio. George W. Bush won the state in 2004 by three points while the split was even at 37/37/26. In 2012, the most recent presidential election, Ohio had a D+7 turnout model at 38/31/31. Even with John Kasich running against the utterly inept Ed Fitzgerald in the 2014 midterms, the GOP edge in turnout was only four points at 32/36/32.

The issue of partisan composition of samples gets overused as a credibility argument, but this is notable for three reasons. One, it posits a sixteen-point swing in the gap in turnout model from the previous presidential election, which seems highly unlikely. Second, this is precisely the issue that Trump’s supporters make when dismissing other polls. Third, with an R+9 turnout model in a state that traditionally leans GOP, we should see a much larger lead if Trump really is generating that kind of turnout among Republican voters — especially if he’s winning Hamilton County (Cincinnati) by 13 points and getting 19% of the African-American vote. Those should add up to a Kasich-scale landslide, not a just-outside-the-MoE lead.

Pennsylvania’s results seem a little more credible, but still have issues. Hillary leads 45/42, but only leads in Philadelphia by 56/32, a county won by Obama 85/14 on his way to a 5-point win in 2012. Again, Remington has Trump winning a much higher percentage of the African-American vote than any Republican has in decades (29%, compared to Romney’s 7% and George W. Bush’s 16%). Those two data points alone suggest that Trump should be doing better than 42% overall, a lower figure than either Romney or Bush eventually got. The partisan breakdown in this poll is much more reasonable (D+6, 48/42/10), but Hillary’s thin six-point margin among women seems a little suspect, too.

Posted by Grey Lemercier | Thu Oct 27, 2016, 05:05 PM (15 replies)
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