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Member since: Fri Jul 22, 2016, 07:06 PM
Number of posts: 1,907

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San Antonio Police escorting dipshit to rally wear maga cap

Dipshit evidently handed out make America great caps to a group of San Antonio Texas police officers escorting him to a rally. They wore them and had pictures taken with dipshit. More info at MySA news link below


Who next on dipshit donnie's repub hit list?

I'm not speaking about his tweets here. But I'm speaking about the use of his advisors bannon's and alex jone's web sites being used as an arm of dipshit's campaign against the repub's. I know he will continue to use them against Hillary, so that is not the question.

So far paul ryan has been hit on those sites. Dipshit has already signaled by tweets John McCain might be next.

I have a feeling the next up after them will be repub rep. chaffetz. Since he was one of the first to remove his endorsement after the tape release.

There was a really good list put together on this site of repubs who made statements, never endorsed, or rescinded their endorsements. Just can't find it now. So as a starting point here is a smaller list of repubs on washington times site.


dipshit's ryan rants to day it's because Infowarts jones blames ryan for leak

I am not going to click on or make a link here to anything on infowarts. But I did a google search on "trump advisors" and a link showed up in the search results. It's head line was "did paul ryan's top advisor leak the trump tape?".

So it looks like dipshit believes ryan did it.

Salin asked if I knew infowarts was a alt-right lie and conspiracy site. I assumed from me saying I would not link here or go to the site it conveyed that feeling. But I do understand everyone may not be following dipshit's campaign as much as others.

So to better explain. Infowarts is run by alex jones. He is also a top advisor to dipshit donnie's campaign. The site is full blown nut case conspiracies wall to wall. The site is one where tin foil hats come to find out if they need another layer of tin foil.

I believe in forgiveness

The 2 themes they have now.

I believe in forgiveness, the new mantra of the dipshit campaign. It is telling though the forgiveness they hand out so freely doesn't extend beyond dipshit. Then they go to second rant about Bill Or Hillary.

Harry Shearer's twitter post

Linking to his twitter account. Check his republican party tweet For some reason the pic I posted on imgur didn't post here.


Just a warning it has the pic of dipshits son holding the elephant tail.

How many unconstitutional things does dipshit want to do?

Dipshit and the repub party have bought in to destroying the constitution and bill of rights. The repubs who all have endorsed apparently agree with him and want to remove the rights of all American citizens. They did not speak up and remove their endorsement until after his video was released. Also if they do not come out, strongly condemn him, and actively campaign against him. They are giving approval of his idea what America should be. I know I will miss some, but this is a start.

Latest first. Even though he said assign a special prosecutor. He said he would put her in jail.

Central park 5 even though they served time for a crime they didn't commit, proven innocent, by both testimony, and dna he still wants them in jail.

Stop, frisk, and seize

These next 2 it has been a long time back, not sure of exact wording, and really need to see if I can find a transcript some place. It was around the same time as the Muslim ban.
He made a short blurb about monitoring Mosques. So religious profiling?

He also made a comment suggesting a vetting process of American Muslims.

Side note since he has also said terrorist families should be murdered. Both him and the repub party condone war crimes.

Any connection with his snorts and what he said?

I was just wondering was there any pattern to when he would start snorting? Tension, anger, etc? At different times it seemed a whole lot worse. Also I don't remember seeing him doing it during his rallies. I can't stand watching him very long and really only watch the clips. Does he do that at rallies or is it only show up at the debates?

Hugh Hewitt had sad face on Rev. Sharpton show this morning

Hugh through out the entire interview didn't once get that smarmy smirk. It was a thing of beauty. He sadz hitching his self to that rising star he so much adored before. Now he wouldn't admit he was a total jack ass for supporting the other jack ass. The only time he did get that stupid smile was when he said good bye. I think he was thrilled Rev. Al didn't go after him full force and someone talked to him.

RNC finds way to keep racist/homophobic brand while dumping trump

Face it the repubs have hated dipshit donnie. Not because he has violated their moral codes. But because he could lose them votes. They wanted to keep the xenophobe, the lgbtq bashers, the know nothings, paranoid, etc voter. This is their only chance to jump ship and they are hoping they only will lose some of the rapists. It took them a while to get the poll numbers on how losing the rapist vote would affect their base. And this was probably the lowest loss. They will probably miss part of the rapist vote, but hope they can salvage some of the undercover white male rapists votes.

a vote for dipshit donnie for prez. is a vote for Droit du seigneur

Dipshit makes the promise to start Droit du seigneur within a hour of becoming president if elected.

Before you start blasting me it's a joke. Check out the definition on wikipedia below. But it also sounds like something he would have a personal belief in.

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