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Member since: Fri Jul 22, 2016, 07:06 PM
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Anybody else see what dipshit donnie did after he walked away from the reporter?

Sorry I don't have a link. Just saw it on hardball. Most of the videos show him as he was walking away, but stop there. Hardball had a video when he walked away he sat down on at the "Resolute" desk shuffling papers with his ego bruised and pouting. I guess his Jarvanka will have to set up another campaign rally to pick him up. Or give him a new voter map so he can color in the lines.

Dipshit donnie's FEC filings are up dated

Last week you couldn't get anything other then the raw 450 megs of pdf files in one download. Now they are broken up in sections.


I wonder what the AKA WHITE HOUSE travel and lodging disbursements are? (Edit: Maybe he illegally used WH staff or resources for campaign use and having to pay back?)

And I didn't know he had a time travel machine for paying Special Occasions Rental $222 in 11/01/2017. I wonder how many bogus or dark money listings are on this one. The Inaugural Committee had a bunch.

Giles-Parscale for DIGITAL CONSULTING/ONLINE ADVERTISING seems to be a big winner.


And of course TRUMP TOWER COMMERCIAL LLC is up there high on the list.

How black is black

Here's a pretty neat article on a spray paint called vantablack. They have a form of vantablack which is made of grown nanotubes. But they have developed a spray on paint version. It blocks 99.8 of the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light shown on it. One of the stranger pictures is of 2 facial masks. It doesn't look like they could be the same object with one just having the paint on it.


Ustream live video from the ISS

A live video stream from the International Space Station. Brought to you from NASA.


Asking for ID help from the birders here

The last few days I have seen a couple new birds. One I id'ed as a summer tanager. The other one I think is a female painted bunting. It has a yellow belly, the top seems to have more of a green tint to it, and some black on the wings. I didn't get a real good look at the beak. It has been going to the suet and the beak most of the time has been away from me. I live in Conroe Texas so we are in the summer breeding range. Just wondering if there might be any other bird I should look at as a possibility?

Edit: Just figured it out. When I first looked up the summer tanager I just hit the images and they showed the male. When I went to all about birds I saw it was the female summer tanager. So I have a pair flying around here.

Samatha Bee coming up on cnn

She will be on in a few minutes.

"His governing style."

If I hear that one more time I'm going to puke. I keep hearing news people say that his governing style is pitting one person against another. Not it is not a governing style. That was a reality tv show. Some of the news media should recognize he thinks he is still on it.

The alt-right at the WH

Cute isn't it. Making a white power sign at the WH podium.


Malcom Nance's interview

By Mcleans a weekly Canadian magazine. I cant vouch for Mcleans but the article is a really good read. BTW this is a full interview transcript where he gets time to talk. Unlike the almost cameos he does on cable news.


So 8 possible charges against flynn?

1. Emolument clause for accepting money from Turkey.
2-3-4. Emolument clause for accepting money from RT plus 2 more from russian associates? (Tonite Rachel mentioned there were 3 with russian ties and the Turkey one)
5. Logan act for possibly discussing lifting sanctions on russia.
6. Lying to the FBI about his discussions about lifting sanctions with the russians.
7. And not sure about this, but would talking to Turkey about illegally kidnapping Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen be a crime?

Edit to add:
8. In re-upping his security clearance probably lied on it.

Next Edit: added 2 more possible russian pay outs
Any more?
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