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A Full Border Wall With Mexico? Unlikely, Homeland Security Chief Says

Source: New York Times

WASHINGTON — John F. Kelly, the homeland security secretary, said Wednesday that it was doubtful that a wall along the full border with Mexico would ever be built, despite an oft-repeated campaign promise by President Trump.

“It is unlikely that we will build a wall from sea to shining sea,” Mr. Kelly told senators on the Homeland Security Committee.

Instead, Mr. Kelly said, the department would look to build physical barriers — including fencing and concrete walls — in places that made sense. He said the department was still studying the best places to construct such barriers, though he said he could not give an estimate of the cost.

The first bids for prototypes of the border wall were due Tuesday. According to people briefed on the agency’s plan, the first new section of the wall will be built on a short strip of federally owned land in San Diego, where there is already fencing.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/05/us/politics/john-kelly-homeland-security-border-wall-mexico.html?_r=0

So no full wall and want to demo part of the existing wall to build a new wall. Yep. makes sense to me

Is bannut's leaving nsc a coincidence?

Or part of flynn's story his attorney mentioned in the request for immunity? Are they are just trying to move him to arms distance to try to set up deniability later?

Wondering how much did Rand Paul's golf outing trip cost?

And did it cost tax payers? After all it was to discuss the health care bill. Who payed for it. Rand, his office, dipshit? There has been a lot of talk about his siphoning off tax payer dollar to his companies. Questions like who is paying for the Chinese Presidents visit to mar a lago? I don't know how that works. Is it coming from the chinese government or the u.s. government? Just trying to figure out how this all works.

Dipshit's 2017 presidential filing

I see he has already filed with the fec (Federal Election Committee) And he has already had rallies. Does he have to report expenses, donations, etc every month like just prior to the election? I don't see any of that.

BTW fec listing Candidate ID : P80001571


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