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duncang's Journal
duncang's Journal
August 7, 2016

If dipshit donnie is so rich

The numbers on the FEC data base for the primary month of June show him being paid anywhere from $9,651 to $2,574 seven times? I can't wait to see how much he siphons off this month. I remember his kids were on the previous month.

Had a really tough time trying to get to the pages that showed this.

August 7, 2016

Trumper's wisdom

Interviews from a local Green Bay fox station WLUK. My favorite quote.

Smith adds she enjoys Trump's speeches, "When he speaks, he's very educational and he teaches you a lot. He's very inspiring."


August 5, 2016

Do you think the dipshit donnie supporters

Would even be allowed in any of his golf clubs or restaurants there? I'm pretty sure most of the people he sees and "loves" at the rallies would be shown the door.

August 3, 2016

Garry Trudeau and dipshit donnie

I didn't see a post on this. RMS interviewed him last nite. Garry is releasing a book on 30 years of trump. I will be getting that one.
Anyways he made cartoons about donnie wanting to become prez. And even had him up on the podium running for prez. Here is the interview. (Even if you don't like rms watch this.)


August 3, 2016

Mr. President, thank you

I know you haven't left the White house. But you will truly be missed. I just want to say thank you for your service to America. Thank you for your great clarity on issues, your conviction, and hard work. You have done a great service for the American public. You have been the adult in the room during your tenure. A role model for all Americans. A true American Patriot.

I wish you great success in any endeavors you chose to follow after you leave the White house.
I also hope to see another Obama in the White house in the future. Whether your wonderful wife or one of your daughters.

August 2, 2016

What is in the contracts for the waivered visa workers?

I still think this may be yuuuge. He has applied for 78 recently but also has brought over a lot more over the years. What is in their contract? Do they have to pay for transportation or other associated costs? The trump org. could charge them with interest if so. Are there clauses if they don't make it the entire time they have to pay back any costs? Fire them 2 days before for some bogus reason that they can say they did not fulfill their obligations. Just from the way he does business I have the feeling he may have a worse record paying them then he does with the U.S. citizens he had do work for him. He would know it would be very difficult for any of them to get any money back and probably count it as a loss knowing they would not be able to keep up with a law suite.

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