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Member since: Fri Jul 22, 2016, 07:06 PM
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A suggestion was made to make this twitter post a op

I don't know if I can find the original twitter post. I was just clicking through some comments on there. Anyways my thank you to the original poster on twitter. It made my day seeing this.

The post

"Passed Trump campaign office on South Street; asked for copy of sex tape that candidate wants us to see; they closed door in my face. "

Dipshit surrogate ex congress. kingston another stupid thing he just said

He just came on msnbc and said "what goes on in twitter is not the campaign". WTF it may not be the campaign, but we aren't electing the campaign. dipshit donnie is the one running for prez. and doing the tweeting. Dipshit owns all his tweets.

I wonder if anything will surface on a trump museum?

I know some people who claim part of their house as a tax write off. You can have part of your house as a museum if you follow some laws and do stuff like having tours, etc. I can't remember all the guide lines but it is actually fairly simple like posting somewhere visiting hours, etc. It can have exceptions like having to make a appointment. I remember his butler who retired continued to make money from giving those tours. It sounded like dipshit was only doing it for the butler. But I wonder how many and the percentage of his residences he claims as a museum. Then add how much he may claim as a business write off.

Now here comes my question. I think it could be legal for him to buy or pay for something like a ming dynasty vase with his foundation's money and donate it to his other "non-profit" museum. I'm I correct? End result it may be legal but I wonder if he has done it the donors to his foundation may not appreciate buying stuff for his house. Legal maybe but to me not ethical. Yes, this may not be a major campaign scandal for dipshit. But could show a trend about him and using other peoples money.

Where's the "Miss Housekeeper" rage in the news?

There were two insults he slung at her. The "Miss Piggy" was really bad, but to me that was telling on not only how he thinks about Hispanic people. But also how he thinks of someone he considers a lower station. What part of this doesn't the media understand? He considered that a insult. Someone who works for a living is a lower form of life in his eyes.

Poker players would love to play against dipshit donnie

He had so many tells it was funny. He had the look at the audience while squinting his eyes looking sideways at her. He fidgeted, almost ruined his manicure squeezing the podium so hard, had the I'm going to look up and try to pretend that didn't sting, etc. Going to copy and paste some of the other stuff he did I listed in another post below.

Copy and paste
Dipshit choked. He looked like someone kicked his butt. He whined. Kept doing that stupid bobblehead motion where he leans his head back and closes his eyes. At least he didn't do the whole thing he did during the primaries where he would bobblehead while opening and closing his mouth like a fish out of water trying to mock the opponent. I guess that was a big victory for him. I think they told him to wear depends and when he is getting ready to blow a gasket take a drink of water. They may have put some happy place medicine in the water for him. He would take a drink while taking squinting look at Hillary and missed his mouth at least one time. Didn't spill at least so he didn't look like he was drooling. He rambled on just tossing random brain farts. So in the end I guess he made it over the piece of tape on the floor bar the media has set for him.

Copy and paste over

And he has convinced some that he is some kind of great negotiator. It looks like the only thing he could negotiate is having someone else do that for him.

On msnbc anyone else notice the roger ailes look alike in the back ground when tweety was on?

While tweety was talking outside in the back ground there were several triumph the dogs in the background. For a while about 7-8 of them were humping the roger ailes look alike head. If you recorded it check. It will probably turn up on you tube also sometime tomorrow.

After today's shootings in Houston.

If it is proven the shooter had Neo-nazi ties or tendencies. (He did have Nazi paraphernalia.) To me the shooter did have mental problems but then I think all those who kill or attempt to kill others like that also have mental problems. Will dipshit donnie come out and say the magic words? Right wing terrorism. He and others in the repub party seem to think radical islamic terrorists is some kind of magic and it can only be defeated if you utter those words.

Houston shooting investigation: Who is Nathan DeSai?

Source: ABC Eyewitness 13 News

We're learning more about a Houston attorney whose vehicle was connected to a violent shooting Monday that injured nine people in southwest Houston.

The HPD bomb squad was in the process of searching Nathan DeSai's Porsche when Eyewitness News confirmed the vehicle was registered to him.

A source told abc13 the vehicle was filled with weapons, prompting officials to use a bomb robot to search the car.

We spoke with DeSai's father who said the attorney lived near Weslayan and Bissonnet, the site of this morning's shooting. He also confirmed the attorney drove a black Porsche.

Read more: http://abc13.com/news/who-is-nathan-desai/1526983/

Active shooter in West University. (City inside the city limits of Houston Tx.

There is a active shooter still being shown. But it may be over initial reports coming in he may be "down". First reports multiple injuries. Fire department setting up triage area in local parking lot.


A "useful idiot"

Just wondering about this it has been described as putin's view of donnie. I wonder how many others in his group consider him that. You look at the news today about page's connections to russian politicos and monetary motives. Is that what he considers donnie a "useful idiot"? Same thing with mercer one of donnie's big backers. Does he consider donnie a "useful idiot"?
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