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Member since: Fri Jul 22, 2016, 07:06 PM
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Two questions I'd like to see the news media ask dipshit donnie

This is more to make right wing heads explode more then anything.

First what is you stance on gun control? And after he answers that. Do you support allowing terrorist on the no fly list to purchase guns?

Next since he is at the values conference trying to convince him he is a christian. What is the name of your pastor? When was your last confession?

Of course the pay for play evangelicals will still shill for him, but I still would like to hear him try to answer it.

Putin said dipshit was "bright" not brilliant

From the Rachel Maddow show

Evidently there was a mix up on the word Putin used to describe dipshit donnie. The news even put out a correction later the term in russian is referring to actually bright or brilliant was meaning more something like flamboyant. Not brilliant as in smart.

Kim Jong-un has 100% approval rating.

Ask anybody over there. Dipshit donnie do you think it's really true? Do you aspire to have the same ratings?

Question on attorney generals and donations from dipshit

Okay, we have seen there have been donations to bondi and abbot. Just wondering when looking at the list of donations dipshit has made are there any more in the list?

First the link for the list link at politifact


Next the link they provide of his donations. I don't know enough on who is who to guess if there are other attorney generals or others who might be able to influence his trump u case.


CNN Victor Blackwell got me to thinking this morning about dipshit's taxes

First I do like him he has been pretty good on calling bullshit from surrogates.

Okay, it got me to thinking about why dipshit wouldn't want his tax records released. So kind of putting together a list of possible reasons.

1. Yep, it's true he is having a audit and he depends on his team of lawyers so much he lets them make his decisions for him.

2. The charitable donations amounts and other possible wrong doing similar to his giving money from his foundation to Bondi's election fund. Has he giving direct contributions but filed them as charity donations?

3. Donations to churches. Has he even done that other then to his buddy in Louisiana?

4. He's not worth as much as he says. Now here is where it can get interesting also. What is the possible reasons?
A. He doesn't want the American people to know he doesn't have as much as he puts on. And he is a fraud?
B. He doesn't want his creditors to know how much he is actually worth and shoots down any chance of getting more loans?
C. He doesn't want his employees to know he may not be able to make payroll?
D. He doesn't want his stock/name to tank if it comes out?
E. He is afraid someone will start repo'ing stuff to make sure they get their payment?
F. He is afraid his "friends" will abandon him if they find out and he will be alone with no one to talk at.
G. He has stacked loans. I.E. He took loans to pay off interest on previous loans because he couldn't pay on them. In other words his total loans may be a lot less then his total assets.
H. All of the above?

Added another to the list. Moved previous G to H

Is it legal to have a campaign speech at church?

I thought candidates could go to a church but doing a political speech or the church showing support could affect it's tax exempt status?

Edit to add:
If it can affect it I'm sure the bishop didn't think about that. But they may end up being more debris in dipshit donnie's wake.

Pam Bondi breaks her silence over Donald Trump's $25,000 campaign contribution

Source: Tampa Bay Times

The AP account said Bondi "nixed" suing Trump, but it did not say that she had opened an investigation.

Bondi's spokesman, Whitney Ray, told the Times/Herald that Assistant Attorney General Mark Hamilton reviewed the "few complaints" the office had on file about Trump University and made the "rightful determination" that because New York's lawsuit was on behalf of all consumers nationwide, "no further action need be taken."

But the timing raised questions, and Democrats, smelling blood, pounced on the Republican attorney general, sensing an opening to further discredit Trump in a key state.

The Florida Democratic Party called for an independent investigation of the "dirty money" that party chairwoman Allison Tant said Bondi should have returned to Trump.

Read more: http://www.tampabay.com/news/politics/stateroundup/pam-bondi-breaks-her-silence-over-donald-trumps-25000-campaign-contribution/2280665

Hopefully they will be able to get a investigation.

Face it right wingers, dipshit donnie is just weak. He isn't strong in anyway.

The wind off a butterfly going by could change your position. There is no strength in someone who's beliefs change every time he talks to someone different. The is no sign of strength when he only goes by applause in front of him at that moment. There is no strength when a single tweet can upset him. There is no strength when you have to hire political hit men to do your work. There is no strength when you can only hope your surrogates can clean up after you. There is no strength when your argument is "What do you have to lose". There is no strength when the only way to prevent more bankruptcies then you already have is by having more lawyers. There is no strength when you have to have a commentator prompt you through a town hall meeting. There is no strength when you have to have questions before a interview and have someone else write the answers.

These are only signs of a weak individual with weak morals and convictions.

The blue collar billionaire

I saw that again in a article today and it brought back some memories. During my years in construction we would get the owner or owners son out on the job. Some would be alright but others..... I'm sure dipshit would fit in the others category. They would come out and say stupid shit, you would dutifully say "Yes sir, we'll get right at it" They would be happy, think we really listened, and thought they were smart. Then when they left the "what the hell is the matter with that asswipe" would come out. Dipshit probably thought he was actually respected when he went to work sites.

Hey Ann Coulter

Pence just said on Wolf Blitzer's show they are thinking about appointing a commission to study and come up with recommendations on immigration plans if elected. How does it feel to be chewing on a trump yuuuge nothingburger? Sleep tight princess.
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