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Member since: Fri Jul 22, 2016, 07:06 PM
Number of posts: 1,907

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A "useful idiot"

Just wondering about this it has been described as putin's view of donnie. I wonder how many others in his group consider him that. You look at the news today about page's connections to russian politicos and monetary motives. Is that what he considers donnie a "useful idiot"? Same thing with mercer one of donnie's big backers. Does he consider donnie a "useful idiot"?

Was there illegal or at least shady dealings in the repub's platform committee?

Ok. I know a foreign interest who wants to contacts directly a law maker about policy or law changes here in the U.S. has to be listed as a lobbyist. The question I have is during the repub. platform committee meetings there was influence to change the repub. platform. Would that be considered the same? Since it is a attempt to influence all the repub's stance at once. Would they be required to be listed as lobbyist? I brought this up before. But with the revelation about Carter Page. Was he the one who paid the people dipshit donnie brought in with the committee to change the platform.

Donnie's naked statue to be auctioned off

One of the statues the placed all over the U.S. will be auctioned off by the artist who made them. The proceeds will go to funding public art funding.


Dipshit donnies fec filings

You can look at his receipts and disbursements here. The disbursements have 2 sections. One (23) is the full expenditures the other one (28a) is the donation refunds.


FEC filing due date today

The list at the FEC site shows today is the filing deadline for the presidential race. last month's filing by dipshit donnie showed a pretty hefty amount being diverted back to him and his companies. It normally takes a few days for the FEC to sort and get all the info up on the web page. Last month it was on a Friday and took through the next week to get it all entered. So don't expect to see much about it right away.


You will have to scroll down a little bit to see the monthly dates.

Just a reminder right wing terrorists can be "domestic" european descent


This is someone who dipshit donnie appeals to, The right wing sovereigns. What are you going to do dipshit do extreme vetting on all right wings of european descent? Remember you got to be tough. Anything other then saying you will do that is a sign of weakness.

Stupid but funny thought how to bankrupt dipshit donnie

The tRump statues that have polka dotted the country in the past months. Have a charity auction for them. Invite people like dipshit donnie, Marc Cuban, the Saudi Prince, etc. Marc bids first and says he wants a couple one for his stadium to display proudly, the next to donate to some museum as pop culture art. Same thing down the line. Bidding up dipshit along the way then dumping them on him. He would not be able to handle not being able destroy them.

BTW if you don't know what they are just google trump statue.

Dipshit donnie wants to increase the military. But what if....

Suggestion for the news media

Dipshit donnie has been playing you and you finally are starting to figure it out.

How about this. Go ahead and go to his rallies, speeches etc. Go ahead and tape it. Just don't play it live. At the most if you have any other story including a dog pissing on the side walk put him in the little box with out sound in the corner. You are giving him the same time coverage. Then send it back to the studio and make it sound bites. !0 extra points for just playing the stupid stuff he says.

msnbc pulse question Should dipshit apologize to President Obama

Here's a link to their pulse question for today.

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