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Member since: Fri Jul 22, 2016, 07:06 PM
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Hey Ann Coulter

Pence just said on Wolf Blitzer's show they are thinking about appointing a commission to study and come up with recommendations on immigration plans if elected. How does it feel to be chewing on a trump yuuuge nothingburger? Sleep tight princess.

Trump on immigration plans: 'There's really quite a bit of softening'

Source: The Hill

"We've got a lot of people in this country that you can't have, and those people we'll get out. And then we're going to make a decision at a later date once everything is stabilized. I think you're going to see there's really quit a bit of softening," he said.

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/presidential-races/294083-trump-on-immigration-plans-theres-really-quite-a-bit-of

From a interview this morning with Laura Ingraham
Okay, this morning it's back to softening? Or in dipshit donnie speak I really don't understand what I'm saying or mean at any one time. Just winging it and will continue to wing it if elected.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as a presidential nominee.

Really instead of Dr. Jekyll it's dipshit don the con man and Mr. Hyde showed up yesterday. To me this not only could hurt relations between the U.S. and Mexico but also cast doubts on the future stability of the U.S. in the eyes of the entire world. A lot of world leaders have already expressed concern or flat came out condemning dipshit don. Yesterdays side show will reinforce the views. They saw a candidate for the Presidency of the U.S. which has said a lot of vile things in his form as Mr. Hyde toward Mexico, then change to dipshit don the con man for the meeting, and back to Mr. Hyde for the rally. They will know any talks or assurances from him if elected he could turn on a dime and even come after whoever he talked to.

When I hear the news media or surrogates talk about a pivot they don't seem to understand. The pivots he has made and will continue to make is the pivot between the con man and Mr. Hyde. Neither should be considered anywhere near acceptable for the U.S. .

Several Hispanic Trump surrogates reconsider support

Source: Politico

"Several major Latino surrogates for Donald Trump are reconsidering their support for him following the Republican nominee’s hardline speech on immigration Wednesday night.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/09/donald-trump-hispanic-leaders-arizona-immigration-227615#ixzz4IzpeVa00
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Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/09/donald-trump-hispanic-leaders-arizona-immigration-227615

Hopefully they will understand now he is not to be trusted.

The shiny ball foir media, trump models, and immigration misdirection

Part of today's media frenzy even though most in the media were scratching their heads trying to figure it out. Maybe it could be nothing but a shiny ball for the media. The recent news about dipshit's abuse of the legal system and other possible illegal activities associated with his modeling agency may be a factor here. It possibly could have done some damage to his bullshit talk on illegal immigration and H1B visas. Having it come out that he may have aided and abetted the illegal entry of foreign individuals in to the country at minimum would put in to doubt his actual stance.

It does looks like the dipshit's campaign group has been successful at sucking the air out of the room. The reports and attempts at interviews with dipshit's modeling agency rep's gave them a warning that the media may have some open air time. What would be a good way to divert attention? Why quick put a meeting in place with the Mexican Prez and having the "Immigration" speech. Kicks the illegal use by the trump modeling agency out of the air waves.

Dipshit donnie's statement on guns in his visit to Mexico

Okay, in the speech he admitted there was a problem with guns going down to Mexico illegally. So does he think there needs to be more restrictive back ground checks on gun sales here in the U.S. to stem this tide?

Also just a tongue in cheek side note: And to poke at a favorite rw subject and stir the pot. Where was the American flag? Was it a sign he really doesn't care or was it he wasn't being shown respect by not having it there?

Just how many failed businesses has dipshit had?

Most have heard about the bankruptcies here in the U.S. but what about the failed businesses world wide. He seems to left a trail of destruction all over. Here is a link for the Trump Ocean Resort Baja Mexico.


I wonder how many more failed ventures are hanging around.

I have been looking around some. Gawker had what they called a complete list but didn't list Baja so appearently not complete. Also Newsweek had a list. Also doesn't seem complete. Not sure if there is enough space on the internet to list all his failures.

Here's those 2 articles

Paleo diet

Just wondering if anyone else has tried the paleo diet. Started out about a month and a half ago on a mostly paleo diet. Few times did eat a few other things. Lost about 12 pounds. In the last 3 weeks still doing it but not quite as strict. Added some stuff every so often just to have a little more variety in it. Things like we've had quinoa a couple times. I have been sticking with watching out for added ingredients. So far one thing is most of my gut problems have gone away. One of the things what had added sugar or other additives that surprised me was premade spice mixes. One on sugar was the second ingredient. Even though you don't use that much in a dish normally I didn't expect it to show up like that.

Dipshit donnie has stuck to his guns on another policy other then building the wall

It has been pretty much forgotten, but his endorsement of abandoning NATO partners, and Ukraine.

Shout out for Rev. Al

I was glad to see him there this morning. He had a really good run today on Morning Joe. He really had the repub. pastor going this morning. I almost thought he was going to get a convert. And really it was just common sense question and trying to get a actual answer from the dipshit donnie surrogate. Rev. Al did not let him evade or change subject to try to distract from the question asked.
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