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Member since: Fri Jul 22, 2016, 07:06 PM
Number of posts: 1,907

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Late to say this on the emails.

But think about it. The fbi didn't find new stuff. So all the rw talking points about her deleting some damaging emails just got proven a nothing burger. It actually shows the deleted emails were NOT a part of any kind of cover up. They were just what she said all along they were unrelated or personal emails. Which she was allowed to do. Nothing more.

Now msm think about that.

Sidenote on dipshit rally in Reno. Was it in a basement? If so fitting place for him

And is this what he calls thousands of supporters showing up? A very small venue and looked like he didn't even fill it up.

Serious questions about Melania's status

Hopefully I can get this straight on what I am wondering about.

Since it appears she worked under a visitor visa I get that was illegal. So what would be the charge or repercussions of just that?

Next since from what I understand to get the next visa h1b2 visa and eventually a permanent change she would have to fill out forms. And I think those require you give any information on past visas and checks to see if you performed any illegal activities on prior visits.

If she filed for her other visas and lied on the forms what would the penalty be? Falsifying government records would seem likely. Is that it?

Then on dipshit donnie I'm assuming he knew of these problems. Would he be in anyway libel or could he face any consequences? I know sometimes aiding and abetting can get pretty much the same type of penalties. Would it be in this case?

Trump foundation and the fbi

I was wondering would the fbi have jurisdiction on the trump foundation case? So far I have only heard of the New York AG case. But since the donors were pretty much U.S. wide and pay outs from the foundation were also interstate would they fall under the fbi jurisdiction also?

After the election

And hearing so much about the Clinton charity group I think I'm going to donate to it. All the stuff coming out on it sounds like one of the top ones around.

Scottie Hughes throw down this a.m.

She was on cnn this morning throwing down on down ballot repub's for not kissing donnie's ass. She made special note of pat toomey even to the point he wasn't rated worth shit on some kind of purity test group. Tara Setmayer was just sitting there smiling. Probably thinking what a dumb ass hughes was. A repub presidential campaign surrogate blasting a down ballot repub.

Paging all trump surrogates clean up on aisle 12.

I wonder how the line up of dipshit surrogates are going to be doing Friday after the debate and the dinner. I only watched msnbc during and after the dinner Just Hayes, Maddow, and O'Donnell. I didn't check the other channels did any of those have surrogates on? (Next election being called a surrogate will be a insult.)

A business opportunity but you have to act fast

How well do you think a dipshit donnie puppet would sell with a putin face on the contorl board? Especially if it was made in some place like Russia, Ohio - Moscow, Texas , etc.

Did any of the people dipshit donnie bring in try anything?

I know the Presidential debate commission changed the entrance route for families and guests to lessen the chance of another Jerry Springer debate. It seems like they really did a good job on that. Also what I saw it didn't look like he was able to pull any bs. Any clue to what he was going to try or if there was a last minute attempt at anything?

If the apprentice tapes are worse? Did he brag?

I wonder if he actually bragged about his sexual assaults in one of the tapes. He has to brag about everything I really wouldn't doubt if he did brag about some of them.
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