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Member since: Fri Jul 22, 2016, 07:06 PM
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After the election

And hearing so much about the Clinton charity group I think I'm going to donate to it. All the stuff coming out on it sounds like one of the top ones around.

Scottie Hughes throw down this a.m.

She was on cnn this morning throwing down on down ballot repub's for not kissing donnie's ass. She made special note of pat toomey even to the point he wasn't rated worth shit on some kind of purity test group. Tara Setmayer was just sitting there smiling. Probably thinking what a dumb ass hughes was. A repub presidential campaign surrogate blasting a down ballot repub.

Paging all trump surrogates clean up on aisle 12.

I wonder how the line up of dipshit surrogates are going to be doing Friday after the debate and the dinner. I only watched msnbc during and after the dinner Just Hayes, Maddow, and O'Donnell. I didn't check the other channels did any of those have surrogates on? (Next election being called a surrogate will be a insult.)

A business opportunity but you have to act fast

How well do you think a dipshit donnie puppet would sell with a putin face on the contorl board? Especially if it was made in some place like Russia, Ohio - Moscow, Texas , etc.

Did any of the people dipshit donnie bring in try anything?

I know the Presidential debate commission changed the entrance route for families and guests to lessen the chance of another Jerry Springer debate. It seems like they really did a good job on that. Also what I saw it didn't look like he was able to pull any bs. Any clue to what he was going to try or if there was a last minute attempt at anything?

If the apprentice tapes are worse? Did he brag?

I wonder if he actually bragged about his sexual assaults in one of the tapes. He has to brag about everything I really wouldn't doubt if he did brag about some of them.

I wonder if the russians have buyers remorse?

After all they have tried doing for dipshit has found a way to screw it all up. Asshinge must also be really proud also for his choice.

I feel sorry for people drug down by donnie

As I watch the news I have seen a lot of the women reporters reaction to what has been brought up. It causes me pain, but I can see even as they power through the interview, they have been the victims of the same thing he has been doing for years. It is hard watching and I know it is a hundred times worse for those women.

It is hard for me to convey the feelings about this. What goes on with a blind eye is disgusting. What goes on and how the people abused are treated just no words I can come up with.

Extreme vetting

Last night on cable (Think it was Lawrence O'Donnell) they brought up most campaigns vet the candidates prior to the campaign to see if problems could turn up.

I'm sure Hillary even though she has had extreme vetting from repub's over the last 30 years. They probably went through it again just to make sure the campaign staff could respond faster.

Donnie on the other hand probably did not do any. Or if they did it probably was something like are you the greatest. And if his campaign staff actually asked him if there was anything in his past that may turn up. He just said no. I doubt if he even asked the question of his self. And if he did he appears to have lied to his self.

The impact of the Mormon vote U.S. wide

As with all groups there percentages that only vote democratic or repub.. Some of my in-laws are "liberal" Mormons and they are consistent democratic voters. The father is a union steward and will be voting for Hillary. My sister-in-law converted to Mormonism when they got married. The normally red state Utah race has moved to a tie according to the latest polls. But what affect could the Mormon vote have in other states.

I don't think the other will make much of a change in the electoral vote. With a few exceptions of solidifying Hillary's lead. Some Mormon votes may be added to Hillary's count and others may take votes away from donnie.

The apparent reason for this is the Mormon Deseret news has gone against dipshit, Along with the Salt Lake news, and most of the well known Utah politicians have also revoked endorsements for dipshit.

Percent of population of Mormon faith. I just looked at states with higher then 3% Mormon population. I used the present adjusted numbers from 538 to compare possible changes.

Arizona 6.1%
538 is showing 51% Hillary to donnie's 48%. With individual polls showing leads of 1 to 9% bouncing back and forth between Hillary and dipshit. The Mormon vote could solidify Arizona for Hillary

Hawaii 5.1%
Hawaii is solid blue already.

Idaho 26.4%
Adjusted polls for Idaho have dipshit winning by a margin of 5 to 30%. I don't think it could turn blue.

Montana 4.8%
I am pretty sure there will be little impact here. Most polls have dipshit ahead by 2-22%

Nevada 6.3%
Nevada is light blue with Hillary in the lead on polls anywhere from 1-14%. This could shore up the state for her.

Oregon 3.8%
Already strong blue so doesn't affect Hillary's win here. It may just add to her vote total there.

Wyoming 11.5%
Way to red to have a effect on the state.

Saved Utah with a 68% Mormon population for the last.
Polls are already showing a tie. If more trump tapes or information not sure what impact it would have. Hopefully some more will come out and increase Hillary's chances there. But 538 still shows donnie having a better chance of winning the state.


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