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Member since: Fri Jul 22, 2016, 07:06 PM
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Question about the visa waivers donnie was trying to get

From what I understand he was trying to get visa waivers so he could bring in 80? foreign workers to work as waiters, servers and cooks at del margo. This by it self should be brought up if verified. But my question is what kind of deal will they have? I have heard of people bringing in workers like that then charging them travel expenses, food, lodging, and even interest which eats up the workers pay. It would be interesting to see what kind of deal dipshit donnie is offering.

Doing a google search and found this

No comment just read.


Local news channel, national news segment

Normally we watch the local news and leave it on the same channel to watch the nation coverage. Lately with the conventions I have been swapping channels. We don't change to cnn, msnbc, etc normally. I am pretty sure that is what a large portion of the American public does even now. They don't change to another channel to see the latest political happenings. This morning watching it. They so far have done a small piece on the convention highlighting Mrs. Clinton, but also devoted about the same time to response tweets and "press meetings" from donnie. Even though most here focus on cnn, msnbc, faux news. That is part of getting stuff like his comments on wanting to hit people, giving russian hackers permission to hack Americans emails is really to me not being talked about there. That is a part of the electorate that is really being missed.

The upcoming debate rules

Since the candidates bargain for debate rules What do you think the donnie side will request? A few I can think of.

Not allowable

1. No questions involving geography. This will include the anchors may not use any reference to or question related to cities, states, nation or which planet we are on.

2. No questions that involve any heads of state, governors, mayor or any other public official.

3. No questions or references to any other brand of terrorism unless it is ISIS/radical Islamic terrorism. And those will be limited questions will be limited to ask can you alone beat them.

4. No questions involving history, politics, conspiracy theories unless it has been confirmed by the National inquirer.


1. Questions written out and received to our offices at least 3 weeks in advance of the debate to follow a third grade comprehension level.

2. Questions as to how yuuuge will it be.

3 Questions as to how great it will be.

Any others they would want?

In a donnie presidency

How much of the state of the union address would be spent talking about the wonderful time share condos or penthouses.

You know he wouldn't be able to resist shilling for family businesses.

What should have been donnie's mantra.

"Make America great again"

*for my bank account.

* Paid for by the elect donnie committee
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