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duncang's Journal
duncang's Journal
March 31, 2017

Does the WH have something on nunes?

This has rattling around in my head since the nunes WH stuff started. The next morning it was reported nunes was visibly shaken before the first press conference. And he kind of looks like a deer caught in the headlights all through this. (I know he does look like it normally.) What would cause that much of a reaction. Having a double press conference before and after his meeting with dipshit. Not having a coherent story through out. Maybe it caught him off guard so much he was freaking out? Maybe some of the info he was shown was on him. And you know it could be a shame if it some how made it out to the public. But I'm sure all the people in this WH are fine upstanding individuals who would never do something like that.

March 31, 2017

cHump tRump options

Ok from watts testimony today he said the russians knew if they gave dipshit fake news he would repeat it. I have been thinking about reasons he would.

1. He's putin's favorite chump. (AKA a useful idiot)

2. He will lie any chance he gets to further his self esteem and throw down on someone else.

3. He will lie anytime he gets a chance especially if it helps him or his pocket book.

4. He knowingly spread the lies so he could be bff with putin.

5. He spread the lies since his russian masters (Creditors) told him to.

I know there are probably more reasons he would. And leaning toward a all of the above answer may be the reasons.

March 30, 2017

Wait till freeperville realizes with web tracking by ISP's allowed

When they go to buy those crates of army surplus bullets the info can be freely sold and the info on their geolocation. The extra info a ISP has on the consumer is a big advantage for selling info.

March 23, 2017

Anyone one else think bannon's fingerprints could be on this nunes deal?

Bannon seems to be the puppeteer in this WH. I'm wondering if bannon is going down and spending his time in the classified archives looking for stuff. Might explain why nunes went to the WH. It may have been a request from them.

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