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Member since: Fri Jul 22, 2016, 07:06 PM
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Follow the money and the russians

With all the investigations in to the tRump clan and associates for possible money laundering or other illegal activities the russians may be taking a big hit. Any money laundering that turns up could cause the russians to have their assets seized. I doubt if they will take kindly to tRump clan for the extra attention they receive. I have a feeling after some of the cases come out there may be repercussions from the russian oligarchs against him.

Will donnie sr. change his will?

Of course not for donnie jr. doing it, but getting caught. Think about it. He likes the competition in his underlings. And you can bet he just thinks of them as a family form of that. Grading them on how they do. It really wouldn't surprise me to see shifts in who controls what businesses.

Snorting again?

I only saw a few short segments of his time in Poland. But I thought it looked like he was back at snorting again when he talked about fake news and russia. He seemed to have the same thing going on during the campaign when he lied.
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