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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Sat Jul 23, 2016, 07:40 AM
Number of posts: 356

About Me

Live in South Central KY. Born in Los Angeles CA. Raised in Denver and Cincinnati.

Journal Archives

I got out my Grampa's Colt .45 1911 today

Each summer I get it out and run a clip through it. Then I clean it, oil it, wrap it in cloth and put it up until it needs attention again. But this time was different. As I held the hunk of steel that went ashore at Utah beach and reeled in the Ardennes until the weather cleared, I really got to thinking about my grandpa and the hell he endured

I think of the time he told me of the time they were advancing and came under fire....a German artillery shell exploded behind of him in the road. A piece of shrapnel scalped him and as he swept the skin and hair back to clear his vision, he saw a soldier in front of him on his hands and knees. When the GI looked back at him my grampa saw that half of his face was gone. Gone to the bloody bone. He said the the randomness of who would die was the worst part.

Gramps went home after that and got a scar the would screw up his haircut for the rest of his life. We buried him with his ribbons and his Purple Heart.

So to see this Trump punk somehow suggesting that he should somehow have a PH really pisses me off to no end.

Fuck you Trump. Fuck you in the arse with a giant rubber cock. And then break it off and beat you to death with the stump.

If hate was people, I would be China.

But I am keeping Gramp's gat.

My rescues. Wally (the black cat) and Cassie the splotched tabby


Trump the quitter

The difference between Hillary and Trump is clear. Trump is not a winner, he is a quitter.
He quits on his marriages. He quits on his business ventures. He quits on his contractors. He quits on his investors. He quits on his employees. And he quits on having his products made in America. When the going gets tough he takes the money and quits. Hillary has been savaged for years. Smeared , libeled, slandered, and caricatured in an incredibly negative light. But she has never backed down, never quit, and has never stopped fighting . Not for herself. But for all of us. The choice is clear. Don the quitter or Hillary the fighter.

My trump memes

Credit to jmowreader on the guts meme
A little politically incorrect on the dude one( it is a nod to Robert Downey Jr. In Tropic Thunder)but it focused better that way with my millennial kids. The fart nugget comes to you from my five year old grandson. Enjoy



[url=https://postimage.org/]image post[/url]

The dems

Have more star power in their crap than the reps have in their tiny little lizard brains.



When in danger or in doubt run in circles,scream and shout!

Everyone just simmer down now. It will be ok.

How about those impartial judges?


Hi everyone!

Lifelong Democrat. Lost 100 pounds in 8 months, and did it healthy! Eat less and exercise is what I say. I love this site. So many different folks coming together in mostly civil discourse. What a great reality based group of folks! Here's to the world as it is and how we can make it better for all people!
Woot and such.
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