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Member since: Mon Jul 25, 2016, 02:02 PM
Number of posts: 543

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CNN reporter falsely tweets that Hillary called Bernie supporters "deluded"

Ask Edward Mejia of CNN to delete this tweet, falsely stating that Hillary Clinton called Bernie supporters "deluded" https://twitter.com/TeddyDavisCNN/status/782062464087257088

Trump called Linda Tripp "the most unattractive" person I've ever seen

If Donald Trump attacks Hillary Clinton on Bill Clinton's infidelity, Clinton should point out that Trump defended her and called Tripp, Lewinsky and Paula Jones ugly. It's all here with transcripts:

Running For President, Trump Called Clinton’s Affair “Totally Unimportant” And Attacked The Women Involved Instead


DONALD TRUMP: Well, if he -- if he went about it in terms of getting out of the situation the way he did, I guess things like that do happen in corporations, OK, a lot. But it was the way he tried to get out of it that was so bad. I mean -- and this was a series of people that, you know, the whole thing, it's just so unattractive. Linda Tripp maybe one of the most unattractive human beings I've ever seen, not women, human beings. She's just an unattractive people. This Goldberg person, her agent or whatever she is, is just a terrible woman. You look at Paula Jones, I mean the whole cast of characters.


TRUMP: I don't know what it is. But I'm not sure the way he went about it makes him alluring. And I'm not sure the women he did it with make him alluring. I mean, give me a break. These people are just, I don't know, where he met them - where he found them. But the whole group -- it's truly an unattractive cast of characters. Linda Tripp, Lucianne Goldberg, I mean, this woman, I watch her on television. (OFF MIKE) She is so bad. The whole group, Paula Jones, Lewinsky, it's just a really unattractive group. I'm not just talking about physical. But.

Vote for worst pollster: LAT vs. Emerson

Pick the worst.

Are you afraid that Trump may be graded on a curve on the next debate?

I'm afraid that if Trump sucks less than he sucked the first time, pundits will pretend he performed better than Hillary, on the grounds that he "pivoted" or "got back in the game", or "showed poise". or something similar. Comments please.

Hillary Clinton opens 10% lead nationally in tracking poll

The Times-Picayune/Lucid tracking poll shows Clinton ahead of Trump by a huge 10% margin:

We need to start touting this poll instead of letting right-wingers brag about the Trump-friendly LAT/USC poll every day on social media.

U.S. Believes Hackers Are Shielded by Russia to Hide Its Role in Cyberintrusions

Source: Wall Street Journal

U.S. officials are increasingly confident that the hacker Guccifer 2.0 is part of a network of individuals and groups kept at arm’s length by Russia to mask its involvement in cyberintrusions such as the theft of thousands of Democratic Party documents, according to people familiar with the matter.

While the hacker denies working on behalf of the Russian government, U.S. officials and independent security experts say the syndicate is one of the most striking elements of what looks like an intensifying Russian campaign to target prominent American athletes, party officials and military leaders.

A fuller picture of the operation has come into focus in the past several weeks. U.S. officials believe that at least two hacking groups with ties to the Russian government, known as Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear, are involved in the escalating data-theft efforts, according to people briefed on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s probe of the cyberattacks.

Following successful breaches, the stolen data are apparently transferred to three different websites for publication, these people say. The websites—WikiLeaks, DCLeaks.com and a blog run by Guccifer 2.0—have posted batches of stolen data at least 42 times from April to last week.

Read more: http://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-believes-russia-steered-hacked-documents-to-websites-1475058781

FBI director: Hackers 'poking around' voter systems

Source: CNN

The FBI director is telling states to make sure they are on top of their voter registration systems, saying would-be hackers are "poking around."
While James Comey testified Wednesday to Congress that there haven't been any additional successful hacks, there have been scans and attempts that indicate "bad actors" are trying to see where they can get in.

"There have been a variety of scanning activities, which is a preamble for potential intrusion activities as well as some attempted intrusions at voter database registrations beyond those we knew about in July and August," Comey told a House committee during an FBI oversight hearing.
Comey was being asked about a warning the FBI sent to states in June, and two successful intrusions into voter registration databases in Illinois and Arizona.

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/28/politics/fbi-james-comey-election-cyberattacks/index.html

Keep an eye on Putin.

Sanders praises Clinton for populist debate answers on taxes, trade and wages

Source: Washington Post

Even as Hillary Clinton was pronounced the winner of the first presidential debate, pundits rated its first 15 minutes as a win for Donald Trump. The day after, the initial Trump-Clinton exchanges about trade and taxes largely vanished from the discussion, as Clinton's campaign made former Miss Universe Alicia Machado available for interviews on how Trump had shamed her for gaining weight.

But for Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.), Clinton's opening answers were the start of a promising, populist case against Trump, the kind he had tried to make throughout the Democratic primaries.

"I've said for a long time that the media focuses too much on personality," Sanders said. "I think what Clinton tried to do last night was focus on Trump’s trickle-down economic theory. If you repeal the estate tax, as Trump wants to do, the Trump family itself gets a $5 billion tax break. The Walton family gets a $50 billion tax break."

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/09/27/sanders-praises-clinton-for-populist-debate-answers-on-taxes-trade-and-wages/

PPP continues to save money by overwhelmingly calling landlines (Hillary won debate by 11%: PPP)

If you are wondering why a PPP poll found Hillary the winner of the debate 51%=40% (landlines only) look no further.
Their post-debate poll was conducted among 80% landline users and 20% opt-in online users.

PPP needs to somehow find a way to call cell phones, or, if the money is not there, retire from the polling business as Gallup did after incorrectly predicting Romney's presidency.


4chan and Reddit bombarded debate polls to declare Trump the winner

Source: Daily Dot

You may be getting trolled right now without even knowing it.

Donald Trump supporters artificially manipulated the results of online polls to create a false narrative that the Republican nominee won the first presidential debate on Monday night.

The efforts originated from users of the pro-Trump Reddit community r/The_Donald and 4chan messaged boards, which bombarded around 70 polls, including those launched by Time, Fortune, and CNBC.

Read more: http://www.dailydot.com/layer8/trump-clinton-debate-online-polls-4chan-the-donald/
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