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jodymarie aimee

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Member since: Tue Jul 26, 2016, 06:41 PM
Number of posts: 3,975

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Rubio took out Risk Corridor from ACA...causing premiums to go sky high 2 weeks before Nov 8th

That means that when Ins Cos started losing $$$, risk corridor would kick in. And that means Ins Cos would get reimbursed by the Government. Guess who took the risk corridor OUT? Marco Rubio and 6 Rs before passage of the bill.....how's that for fucking up the election for us 2 weeks before voting. I told all our DEMs here to tell voters that when doing door knocks. WE, meaning DEMS could fix that easily, by putting clause back in bill.... ALL the opposition lit here was how premiums were sky high. The Rs did this.... DEMS....please pay attention. We let them fuck us over on this. Now we got Cheeto AND high premiums.
Posted by jodymarie aimee | Sat Dec 3, 2016, 08:51 PM (2 replies)

Trump causes fewer babies to be born

Lighten it up around here a tad. Women don't seem to want sex now that the Vulgarian is going to be POTUS.

Posted by jodymarie aimee | Sat Dec 3, 2016, 08:34 PM (2 replies)

BREAKING NEWS Greg Palast live interview on Thom Hartmann

Breaking news from Greg Palast live interview on Thom Hartmann.
Stop looking for Russians in the woodpile. It is good old fashioned vote heist. Spoiled votes. Under and over votes...tons in MI and WI. Machines miscalibrated and they are also disqualifying votes.

Elections panel created by Walker replacing non partisan judges with hacks.

19 WI counties refusing to let them look at ballots. THESE are the ballots we want to look at. Suspicious.

Absentee ballots not counted for dumb reasons like the fold or return address. To compound this, massive early voting in WI gave people absentee ballots. Another easy way to disqualify the votes.

Bob Fitrakis is fighting to count these ballots. MI and PA cross check ballots. All R controlled Sec of States in these 3 states. Exit polls not matching the actual vote. Rs are going to do everything to block an actual recount. Repeat of fraud, not a measurement of democracy, how folks really voted.

HRC would win WI and MI if these votes are counted. PA is messy.

PA way trickier. But it is not too late to demand recount Why are they creating an impediment to democracy. If they believe in results.... why so freaked out. PA has 25 year old machines. Kept deliberately to lose votes. They give them the worst schools, hospitals and voting machines.

Rs keeps adding changes to the fee... heating the bldg...BS. Cost for 3 states could top $20Million... they want to bust the bank so we say uncle.
Posted by jodymarie aimee | Thu Dec 1, 2016, 03:53 PM (4 replies)

Recount began this AM in WI and I was doing so well

I have been so hopeful and not crying anymore. Well, I stayed late at the gym. 5:30-9AM and Kate, who I have not seen since the election, comes in and greets me and just starts bawling. I did not need that. She said Jody this is the end. We cannot be naive. This is how it started in Germany. I said I am grabbing onto any shred of hope like the recounts and audits and college that he will never make it into the WH. She replied he is in for good. We have to face it. So, now I feel like maybe I am a dope??? She said there are no heroes anymore... that is true. A stupid and uninformed electorate have given us this man. I took a few steps backwards and it doesn't feel good. Kate and I are both firebrands in our city. We eat breathe and sleep politics. To see her so defeated like I was for 2 weeks leaves me shaky again.
Posted by jodymarie aimee | Thu Dec 1, 2016, 02:56 PM (6 replies)

Just saw on tv WI GOP files suit against recount

tv guy said they claim collusion between Jill and HRC.

Posted by jodymarie aimee | Wed Nov 30, 2016, 06:06 PM (11 replies)

What would happen if a vote recount somehow found that Hillary Clinton won the presidency?

What would happen if a vote recount somehow found that Hillary Clinton won the presidency?

Then we can have a real conversation about fixing, replacing, and/or eliminating the Electoral College. This is the second time in less than 20 years that a candidate has won the popular vote but did not win because of the Electoral College vote. It is the fifth time out of 45 presidents. That's 1 out of every 9 presidents. That's a high failure rate.

If the US were overseeing an election in a newly democratic nation, we would not accept that the candidate who got the most votes did not become the leader of that nation. Yet we're perfectly fine with accepting it here.

However, there hasn't been a real conversation about it for two main reasons. One, the two times it has happened recently, it has only affected Democratic candidates. Any suggestion that it needs to be fixed is going to be seen as sour grapes on the part of Democrats. Two, the last time it happened prior to 2000 was in the late 1800s, which suggests to some that it is a minor anomaly.

But it's not. This is a real problem. And I don't know the solution. I like the National Popular Vote (NPV) idea. Please google it if you don't know what it is. In short, it's an interstate compact whereby individual states agree to cast their Electoral College votes for whoever gets the most votes nationally, but it only goes into effect if the combined total of signatory states’ electoral votes meets or exceeds 270. Currently, ten or eleven states have signed on to it, and their votes total about half of what is needed. I think it's a great idea, myself.

But I'm not married to the idea. If someone came up with something they believe is a better voting scheme that better represents the will of the people let's hear that idea.

The current system doesn't work very well, though. Something needs to be done, and I think a reversal of the election based on a recount would be an excellent catalyst for the conversation
Posted by jodymarie aimee | Wed Nov 30, 2016, 03:42 PM (23 replies)

Molly Ivens quote on the flag

“I prefer someone who burns the flag and then wraps themselves up in the Constitution over someone who burns the Constitution and then wraps themselves up in the flag.”
Posted by jodymarie aimee | Wed Nov 30, 2016, 02:51 PM (12 replies)

Well it is a fine kettle of fish, when the VIEW is better journalism that the real "journalists".

Well it is a fine kettle of fish, when the VIEW is better honest journalism than the "journalists". They had a live interview with Jill Stein. Each time a VIEW chick asked a question, Jill's answer got thunderous applause. Not for Jill or the Greens, but for honest election results. And then they had Tom Ford on as a guest. He said he declined to "dress" Melania years ago and will continue this policy. He is a gay DEM he said.
Posted by jodymarie aimee | Wed Nov 30, 2016, 12:58 PM (1 replies)

JOKE before bedtime

Lizz Winstead ‏@lizzwinstead · 5h5 hours ago

Well I guess using private email is not cool for Secretary of State, but penning state secrets on your mistress's ass is? mmm okay Petraeus

Posted by jodymarie aimee | Mon Nov 28, 2016, 09:43 PM (2 replies)

Good News from Wisconsin for you..we are hand counting

Portage(mine) and Dane counties are hand counting...I think others will to avoid lawsuits. Not sure how Milwaukee could finish by Dec 13, tho...
Posted by jodymarie aimee | Mon Nov 28, 2016, 09:23 PM (20 replies)
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