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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
Number of posts: 3,100

Journal Archives

Texas Democrats Plan On Registering 2 Million New Voters By The 2022 Election

Texas Democrats Launch Project Texas, A Comprehensive Plan to Register Texas Democrats For the 2022 Elections


Trumper Fascists showed up to Beto's Voter Registration Drive in Denton, TX

They intended to harass and intimidate people who want to participate in democracy.

One man even approached Beto under the pavilion, while he was speaking and shouted that he was a "traitor." A traitor for registering people to vote.

Don’t think Democracy is under attack? Here’s the proof.


Edit: got some close-ups of the fascists.




Lone Star Democracy

With voter suppression looming and a Republican push towards an authoritative government, it's up to all of us to save democracy.


The 80th Anniversary of the Murder of Bob White And Racial Justice In Polk County

June 10th, 2021, will mark the 80th anniversary of the murder of Bob White from Polk County. All these years after this horrific act of racial violence, how much has Polk County changed?


Texas To Punish Minority-Majority Cities for Reinvesting in Communities

While Republicans call these bills “Back the Blue” and “Anti-Defunding,” these are just catchy slogans that take away from the truth of what these bills actually do.


Shelby Slawson Doesn't Know Austin Is In Texas Or Want Her Staffers Paid

Texas House District 59's Representative Shelby Slawson stuck her foot in her mouth yesterday, twice.

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