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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
Number of posts: 2,995

Journal Archives

Why GOP's Objection To Certify Election Was Different Than Previous Years

Previously when Democrats objected to certifying an election they had proof and it was based on bad deeds by the GOP. In 2021, the GOP based their objections on lies.


Trump Train Plan On Attacking/Harassing Biden Entourage In Houston

Itís unlikely the Secret Service will let the Trump Train get close to Biden, but Houston Democrats and people of color need to be vigilant today, as we already know how violent these people can be.


Special Election Called For TX-6 On May 1 - Here Are The Democrats Running

Texasí Sixth Congressional Districtís special election will be competitive. If Democrats show up to the polls, this seat can be an easy flip.


QAnon Conspiracies And Neo-Confederate Beliefs Behind Texit Movement

The Texit movement is a far-right Conservative movement, which couples well with conspiracies and racism.


The Failed State of Texas

From healthcare to the electrical grid, two decades of Republican rule in Texas has given much of our state conditions similar to a third-world country.


I refuse to believe that an $800+ electric bill is normal. Is this price gauging?

Even if I have higher usage, because of the amount of people in my house.

How is $800 justifiable? Is this because of the price gauging?


How my day is going.



Texas Loves Joaquin Castro

As the second day of the impeachment trial got underway, Texas native, Joaquin Castro made arguments for the House, reminding us all why we love him.


Laredo's Princess Pocahontas Pageant And Celebration Of Colonialism

Once a year white and Hispanic debutants dress up as Indigenous Americans and have a Pocahontas pageant during George Washington's birthday.


Congressman, Ron Wright, Passes Away From Covid

He is the first sitting member of Congress to die from complications of the disease.

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