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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 2,882

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Don't Mess With Texas Democrats

Texas Democrats are once again making history. Right now, Texas Democratic lawmakers are walking out to break quorum in defense of voting rights in Texas and block further consideration of anti-voter bills HB 3 and SB 1 ó a core subject of an irregular special session called by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.


After a 24 hour hearing, Republicans voted voter suppression out of committee along party lines.

It was awful, I watched most of it all day and was up late last night. Iíll have a follow up on Living Blue, probably tomorrow. (Today is my daughterís birthday)

In the senate, they started hearing testimony around 1pm, there were two bus loads of people who came from Senator Milesí District (which is predominately Black), but their bus was supposed to leave at 5ish. Senator Miles asked for them to be heard before their bus had to go, and at 4:30 they called one Republican witnesses up and questioned him for 45 minutes, so that the two bus loads of Black people had to leave without being heard.

In the House Committee, even though the hearing started at 8am, they didnít start taking public testimony until midnight.

Over 300 people signed up to speak to the Senate Committee, over 400 in the House Committee.

In both chambers, the speakers overwhelmingly were against the bill, many of them laying out how and why these bills would disenfranchise their ability to vote.

The republicans who did speak for the bill, were unhinged, lacked credibility, and several I recognized from previous scandals. For example, the ex-chair of Bexar County GOP showed up to speak in favor of voter suppression. But Cynthia Brehem was either removed or resigned last year from her post because of a series of racist social media posts.

The Austin GOP Committee guy (I forgot his exact title), was using extremely hateful rhetoric about Democrats and was called out in it by Senator Lucio, of all people.

Overnight, the majority of the republicans on the House Committee were not in the hearing. They left for hours and then trickled back in early this morning, so they didnít even listen to most of the testimony.

The Senate Committee concluded around 2am and Senator Hughes tweeted about how many people were concerned with election integrity, which was a lie, since overwhelmingly those who spoke, spoke against it.

The House Committee conclude at about 8am, but not before they voted along part lines to advanced the bill to the House Floor.


Dixiegops: The Untold Story Of The Dixiecrat-Republican Coalition

Book Launch! Dixiegops: The Untold Story Of The Dixiecrat-Republican Coalition

Coming in July 2021: A book about the events that led to the Southern Strategy.


The Only Thing Chip Roy Hates More Than You, Is America

This week a video was leaked which caught Chip Roy talking about his plans of obstruction.


Texas House Democrats ask for public hearings on election bills in preview of special session tactic

Democrats also want House Speaker Dade Phelan not to not move any bills through the House until legislative-branch funding that was vetoed by Gov. Greg Abbott is restored.


Abbott is Spewing Racism and Moving Even Further to the Extreme Right to Pander to Trump's Base

Disgraced Texas Gov. Greg Abbott continues to stoke hatred, fuel violence, and put Texans in danger by prioritizing Trumpís failed campaign promise.


Extremists Targeting North TX School Boards With Racism & Anti-Vaxxing

There is a VERY real and well-funded white supremacist effort happening in Texas schools to end racial equality.


GOP Use States' Rights Argument As Reason To Undermine Democracy

Democracy is in trouble and the GOP is blaming State's Rights. If you're from the South, you know exactly what they mean when they say "States' Rights."


What Are Public Schools In Texas Teaching Your Children?

Christopher Columbus discovered America, the Civil War was about statesí rights, and colonization was good. History in Texas has already been whitewashed and itís about to get worse.


Texas Democrats Are Heroes

If you werenít already proud of Texas Democrats for blocking the Jim Crow voter suppression bills in the 11th hour of the 87th Legislature, this week, Texas Democrats flew to Washington DC and got Joe Manchin to see the light.

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